Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A secret revealed!

Well, the cat is now out of the bag and I can introduce you (perhaps) to a new venture som of my mates from Chicago have been working away on. Without further ado I present Gorgon Studios!

Hank Edley, Matthias Weeks, and Dave Pauwels (three of the guys behind the famed Adepticon event) launched their foray into the miniature and publishing worlds yesterday and look like they're going to be having some fun over the coming months. From their website:

Gorgon Studios, a cabal of veteran hobbyists, game designers/writers and miniatures painters is proud to officially launch its website and announce its partnership with world-renowned miniatures sculptor, Steve Saleh.


Gorgon is happy to make its first Collector’s range model available. We are proud to introduce “Temperance”, a 40mm post-Apocalyptic she-devil. Sculpted by Steve Saleh, this multi-part figure heralds Gorgon’s eclectic Collector’s range. Walking directly from the blighted and nightmarish wastelands of the dark future, Temperance makes a formidable addition for the collector, painter or wargamer.

‘At the Hot Gates’

Over the next few months, Gorgon Miniatures plans to release its first two ranges of 28mm historical miniatures. First off, will be the re-release of Steve Saleh’s excellent range of early Spartans, as a forerunner to a comprehensive treatment of the Classical era. Keep checking the website for availability, updates and previews of forthcoming figures.

Concurrently, Gorgon Publishing is working on both miniatures rules and some exciting RPG material. Stay tuned! The next few months will see lots of surprises. Again, all details of our products will be announced first on our website. Keep checking for updates.

Below is the model "Temperance", first in a line of Collector's Models that the Gorgon will be releasing over time. I really like Dave Pauwels homage to John Blanche's work in his take on this 40mm model, but I had to take it in a slightly different direction. I hope you like her!

So check out the Gorgon site at www.gorgon-studios.com

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  1. Very cool stuff and that's a wonderful scuplt. However, why is every female sci-fi or fantasy model half naked? Surely that's an illogical choice when preparing to go to war? That has always irked me for some odd reason. Though it definitely does not take away from the great sculpt!

  2. It's to distract their opponents while they shoot them, of course.

  3. and so that boys/men will buy them ;)

  4. That seems very cool.
    It would be nice to have like 4 different spartan models that link up to form a Phalanx.