Sunday, May 17, 2009

New troops are unshackled!

First off though, I figured I should post up a picture of the men of the 6th Pennsylvania Cavalry I painted for a Wargames Illustrated article on the Union Cavalry. They're Perry Miniatures plastics and the section of the article I put together is essentially a color guide that'll hopefully help readers get their Union cav on the tabletop faster.

And now on to the reinforcements! The squad above was finished today, thanks to my wife for allowing me a full hobby day with very few distractions. As I mentioned in an earlier post, these crazed zealots will be fielded as Penal Legion troopers. They certainly have that crazed desperado look. I'm thinking of putting together another 20 or 30 of these cultists in addition to the Pater Sin-led Psyker Battle Squad of child psykers. I bought the initial pieces for these conversions last week. I'll show you all the progress as I build lots of freakish mutant kids in robes!

Here are three of my favorites from the squad.

What's next? Well I've had requests for tutorials on how to build the SteG4, the troop transport truck, and the Ragnarok tanks I did for my Vostroyans. As I'm planning on using variants of the Ragnarok for my AT-70s and AT-83s, I could do the tutorial for that Blood Pact project. But which tutorial to do first?

I'm going to leave it up to you faithful reader. If all the tech stuff works properly, there should be a Poll on the right hand side. Please cast your vote and after a week of voting I'll have the order in which to create and post the tutorials.

And finally, here's a teaser of something I'll be able to post early next week. It's from a project a few friends are working on and are preparing to launch then. stay tuned for more info.


  1. I like the penal guys. I recently started using the flagellants for converting some Ad Mech themed guard. Very handy those robes are!

  2. Dave, your a machine.. a mad mad insane machine of modeling mayhem LOL

    Cool stuff.. The chaos stuff looks totally fun.

  3. Those pilgrims look great! I was trying to figure out what it was about them that stood out (other than the painting), and discovered it's the posing. None of them are holding their rifle at the ready. It really gives a sense that these are crazed fanatics. I think they'd work well as conscripts as well as penal.

    Looking forward to Pater Sin and the kids, as well as your AT70/83!

  4. Very nice and done in a day no less. That's impressive indeed.

  5. I heard of the guy using the Flagellants as psykers,but with the exception of the guy with the cage on his head I think they are much better suited as Penal Troops.
    Your idea for the Child Psyker squad is pure genius,please don't be mad if a couple of those kids makes it over to my army.
    Looking foward to your tutorials in the future

  6. Hmm, I know what your up too Dave with that last picture, look forward to seeing the completed model friend...

  7. I'm digging the Penal Troops, well done!