Monday, October 28, 2013

The Flight - Part Three

This week I hope to bring you a few more photos of my work in progress for "The Flight". You can check out the first two parts of this ongoing project here and here.

Here's my completed build for Urgo-Wrath, the brute of the warband. His initial form is that of the Warhammer plastic Nurgle Lord model. I trimmed back a lot of the "bloat" and puttied in a lot of the decayed sections. I rebuilt the front of his torso to give him a more muscular look, but I went for an unrefined, slab-muscled look.

His rotor cannon is from the Space Wolves Wolf Guard Terminators kit, and the backpack (loaded with incredible amounts of ammunition) is from the Space Marines Devastator kit (it's a heavy bolter back pack). Initially I was hoping to be able to use the original ammo feed from the HB, but things just didn't line up. So, building it was the only way. Hopefully the new ammo feed will paint up crisply.

Anyway, feel free to let me know what you think of this guy. There isn't too much wiggle room, but there might be some detailing I could include.


Friday, October 25, 2013

Black Brunswickers - Light Battalion

Just a quick one for today. Some of you may remember this post HERE, where I talked about buying some models that someone else had already painted. I was surprised I did it at the time, but as I hoped, with a little prising models off bases and sticking them done to other bases, touching up a few bitz here and there, adding a mounted officer, and then rebasing everything I'd have a new battalion for my Napoleonic collection.

My thanks again to Pat Smith (of Wargaming with Silver Whistle blog fame) for these great models at a great price. I need to get a hold of a few Line battalion packs from the Perrys now to expand my Black Bruswicker Brigade (try saying that three times fast). Should be sometime in the new year, but I'm sure it'll happen.


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Mechanicum Magos

Not wanting my ever increasing painting queue to overtake my recent Forgeworld purchases, I started painting up the Magos Dominus with Rad-Cleanser immediately after finishing off the Castellax. I'm not sure of his rules, I am yet to order the (edit: Massacre) book from FW, but hopefully he'll be a bit of fun on the tabletop.

It was a real treat to paint this guy up, even moreinsight gleaned into the Mechanicum aesthetic. Things like the idea that a Magos Dominus needs almost a dozen servo skulls to help him execute his duties.


Thursday, October 17, 2013

Mechanicum Castellax (and some others)

While I've been tinkering around with another couple of projects, I've also continued painting up more models for my Mechanicum army.

Chief amongst these new additions are the first three Castellax. Once I get a good look at the Castellax rules I might add some more (or these may be the only three, we'll have to see).

Here's a multi-view image of the most dynamically modeled Castellax of the bunch. All three are built using stock parts and within the allowable limits of the joints etc. I'm sure, given a little more time, I could have assembled them in a more dynamic fashion, but I actually like their "blockiness".

When I painted the Thallax earlier this year, I painted the "core" on their back a deep blue. As the cover for apparently a similar part on the Castellax has rivets, I decided to move the deep blue part to the top globe, where numerous cables feed into. It almost gives it a "brain in a jar" feel.

The other models I've been working on are this Magos (updated from my old army and mounted on a 60mm base) and this... Magos, a head-swap conversion from the Chaos Space Marine Warsmith. I love the idea and the look of the Warsmith model, but this Finecast version had many bubbles, just enough to sap my enthusiasm for the job. Anyway, I think he'll fit in well enough, as long as I stand him at the back ; )


Saturday, October 12, 2013

Size Comparison - because you asked.

A couple of folks were curious about the relative sizes of the Centurions, Castellax, and Contemptor Dread, so I took a quick shot of these guys today. Obviously the Centurion is the smallest, but he still has a lot of bulk compared to the Castellax. And the Contemptor Dread has quite a bit of height on the Castellax.

This Contemptor is for my upcoming re-work of my Heresy-era Death Guard. I've been assembling quite a few new models in between painting up more stuff for my Mechanicum.

Anyway, here's a group shot I like to call "The Bronze"


Sunday, October 6, 2013

Mechanicum Skittarii Centurion - completed

I was able to finish off the paintjob on my Skittarii Centurion last week, and here it is. I tried to match a lot of the colors/finishes from my Thallax constructs and Knight. I'm pretty happy with the result.

And here's a comparison shot of him standing next to Volsinii Imperator.


Thursday, October 3, 2013

Mechanicum Bondsmen

Just a quick post today to show off a unit I put together and painted last week. After reading Lords of Mars (by Graham McNeill) I decided to turn a unit of Victoria Miniatures' Penal Legion models (that I've had sitting on my desk since Adepticon) into a unit of "below the waterline" bondsmen, the lowest of the low who are press-ganged into servitude in the mighty machine of the Imperium.

This unit is the first of Victoria's models that has been cast in resin, and she is currently going through the process of switching her entire range into resin. The quality of her sculpts is wonderful with lots of crispness and characterful pieces. The quality of the casts was equally great, with only a few areas of flash to be trimmed up during assembly.

As well as the parts to make the squad you see above, there are quite a few other options in the set, including two different torsos for the squad overseer, as well as three different head options. Very cool.

I'm looking forward to the rest of Victoria's range making it into resin. It might be time again to paint a new Gaunt's Ghosts army ; )