Friday, March 30, 2012

Morr Flagellants join the ranks

Well, with all the leaked images of the Empire releases hitting the 'net on Tuesday I can now start planning for what to include in my Procession of Morr army. I think there are only one or two of the new models that need to go into the force, the rest can wait until next year's Armies On Parade entry (I'm thinking a "Gryphon Brigade" army - Karl Franz and the "Imperial Guard", lots of Demigryphs and marching spearmen/halberdiers).

Anyway, another six Flagellants completed (total at 15 now). There are another five on the painting table and I need to build ten more.

I've also been helping out my friend Brien with some of his French painting commitments for the Guns Of April project. Hopefully he'll post up some progress this weekend on the GOA blog. Above is one of the Chasseur a Cheval models I painted up for him. Originally I was just going to paint the horses, but when I was painting the shabraques green, I figured I could paint the rider's uniform at the same time, then the same with the gold. From there it was a pretty short jump to finishing off the model. They're very nice Perry Miniatures figs that I might have to include in my French collection once I get started on it in earnest.

Morr to come. Until then, enjoy your painting!


Friday, March 23, 2012

Finally, I have some Morr!

Well, with most of my Guns Of April commitments behind me (just casualty and disruption markers, and objectives, and the table, and a few horses here and there to go) I figured it was time to get back to the Procession Of Morr.

I've still not heard any confirmation of the Empire rumors that are doing the rounds, so I thought it best to get stuck into units that won't be changing in any way - the flagellants and spearmen. Above you can see the next eleven flagellants underway, I hope to have them finished by this time next week (he says with fingers firmly crossed).

Above you can see my start on sculpting the heads/masks for my spearmen and artillery crew. From left to right we have: the beginnings of three Venetian-style masks that will have hooked noses and exposed mouths and chins, the start of three Plague Doctor-style masks (primarily for the artillery crews and attendants), and two new heads that will probably be split in their treatment. Looking good so far, but a bit of work to go.

Mantic's Corporation!

I have ten of these models sitting here to the side of my desk, just waiting to be painted. Please offer up some color scheme suggestions in the comments and we'll see what happens to them ; )


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Busy, but not much to show for it.

I've busy, very busy, these past two weeks. Busy with work, travel, illness, children with illness, etc etc. I've still managed to squeeze in some painting time, and you can see the figures I've finished over on the Guns Of April blog ; )

In addition, here are a few cool things that have entered my house since the Cold Wars convention last weekend:

• Marshal Ney, the free figure from the Cold Wars show.

• Lots of fun reference material from those chaps at Osprey. Take particular note of the two on the right.

• Eight models from the "Napoleon in Egypt" range from Brigade Games. They are all members of the French Dromedary Corps, two mounted and six dismounted. I'm really looking forward to painting these up for some fun "Rosetta Stone" period skirmish gaming!

Earlier this week a package of Mantic's Corporation troopers arrived on my doorstep. I was originally under the impression that the Corporation models would be plastic, but these are the plastic resin. I've not worked with it yet, so I'm curious how things will turn out. I must say the figures look great, possibly the best from Mantic this far. A solid mix of contemporary and near-future aesthetics.

Finally, my Scenic Express order arrived with some more Late Summer Buffalo Grass tufts (I use these all the time). I added a few items I haven't used before that you'll get to see added to models over the coming months. The package at the front has four separate sheets of meadow flowers, each with different colors (yellow/white, red/white, purple/white, and brown/white). Should be fun to try these things out.

Until next time.


Monday, March 5, 2012

Ligne and Leger, and not much Morr

Above are 15 of the French Ligne (Line infantry) battalion I'm working on. Only nine models to go.
Below are the first 12 of the French Leger (Light infantry) battalion I'm working on at the same time. Only 12 more of those models to go. I'm very glad to have "broken the back" of these units. 27 down and only 21 to go.

For those of you who have been wondering why the work on my Procession of Morr army has slowed down, well the recent rash of crazy Empire rumors has me wondering what will be released if and when it happens. The latest crop suggests an April release which would give me enough time to incorporate some stuff into the army. So, until these rumors here are confirmed, I'll keep plugging away on my Flagellant unit.


Friday, March 2, 2012

Old Stuff Day, the 2nd.

 Old Stuff Day original art by

Another March 2nd has come upon us, and thankfully I can just squeeze in this "Old Stuff Day" post. Born as a way to bring new life back to old posts by Rob at Warhammer 39,999, there are quite a few bloggers who enjoy digging back into the past. I'm one of those guys. Here is last year's OSD post.

However, this time around I'm going to dredge up something older (and more amusing) than any post on this blog.

Back in 2005 I created two "life-sized", stuffed Gnoblars for use at a crazy Games Day event - Gnoblar Punting. Creating the patterns, cutting the cloth, and hand-stitching it all was certainly a labor of love. My wife was incredibly surprised by my sowing skills, especially given the number of undarned socks in my dresser drawers. The Gnoblar above and his partner in crime (not pictured here) went to quite a few Games Days and had the snot kicked out of them by enthusiastic punters.

The reason I bring him up tonight, of all nights, is that I've just repaired this one and given him to my almost three-year old daughter, who has promptly named him "just the Gnoblar".

I hope you like him as much as she does : )