Wednesday, December 23, 2009

All the best of the season!

Well, we're finally in the thick of the holiday season. I'm lucky enough to have just over a week off work and once you take out the family commitments and a trip or two to the movies, I should have five days or so to get a ton of hobby stuff done!

I have three commissions to work on, plus my British Peninsular War army (see my first unit in the pic below), plus getting started on my Rapid Assault Force (the one you all chose as my next Blood Pact Project).

So no real time to be mucking around. I will, however, try to take as many pictures as possible as I go through it all.

Anyway, have yourselves a good and safe holiday season. Look after yourself and your loved ones, and don't eat too much!

Oh, and my Christmas present to myself arrived early. I think after Adepticon in March I'll be really getting stuck into getting him painted up as one of the Reavers from Legio Invicta (from Titanicus by Dan Abnett). : )

Monday, December 14, 2009

And the Winner is...

The Rapid Assault Force!

No real surprise there. The "Bats" have captured the imagination and will be next on deck for the Blood Pact. Another lunchtime chat with Thomas is in order.

Thanks to everyone who voted, especially for all those who voted for the Ground Assault Force that was really left in the dust. One day I'll get to it. One day ; )

In the meantime, here are a couple of shots of something else I'm working on.

The two front legs on this one will be bionic.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Working with the Bell of Lost Souls

Hi guys

Recently, Bigred from Bell of Lost Souls and I have been chatting about a few "guest tutorials" on the BoLS site. I've kind of decided to put together one a month to post up there, and the first one has just gone live. You can check it out here.

I've had quite a few requests to talk about how I paint the Chaos Stars on my vehicles, so this is the tutorial. It's nice and straightforward, I hope you like it. In a month or so I'll repost it here.

In the meantime, welcome to all those who are new to my blog, visiting from BoLS!

I leave you with this, the latest commission I've started work on.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

And so the Indoctrination Begins!

So my wife spends a bit of time online at a forum about babies. On this forum they organized some fun, holiday gift-giving. My wife's online buddy sent her a package with three gifts. One was for my wife, one for my daughter, and one for me (well, they're all really for our daughter, but hey...)

The present labeled for DH (Dear Husband in the forum shorthand) contained the "onesie" you see above. Too small for me, but just right for my daughter ; ) It certainly made me laugh.

Make sure you have just as much fun this holiday season!


Sunday, December 6, 2009

Painting Purple.

A few posts back I showed you a Pre-Heresy Lucius, Fabius, and an Emperor's Children Standard Bearer. I added a few pieces of greenstuff work and here's Lucius painted, descending stairs, his paired swords held ready to skillfully deal some death!

I tried to match a blend of the Sam Wood artwork from the Horus Heresy Artbooks, the Lucius the Eternal miniature (note the black studded gauntlets), elements of the Fulgrim I worked on, and a couple of new ideas. Most notable are the signature Emperor's Children wings on the shoulder pads of Lucius and Fabius.

I could have used the Dark Angels Commander wing that I used on Fulgrim, but I wanted something different, still stylish, but not the same as their hallowed Primarch. I glued a feather from the Empire Foot Soldiers sprue to the shoulder pad and then built up the EC wing symbol from greenstuff. Once painted, I think it adds a certain opulence.

And as it looks like the Rapid Assault Force will take the prize as my next Blood Pact Project™ (unless, of course, the Ground Assault Force can garner 170+ votes over the next six days)
I figured that sitting down to lunch with Thomas would be a great idea. Here's a shot of the initial "sketch" of a Locust vector fighter we'll be building making heavy use of the Space Marine Drop Pod wings.