Friday, February 24, 2012

Painting the early 19th Century, three models at a time

Last week I completed my "must do" painting tasks for the big Battle of Salamanca game my friends and I are putting on at Adepticon in two months time (I think it might be eight weeks today!)

That means, obviously, I have free time to help some of the other guys out wrapping up their forces. That's the fun part of working as a team to achieve it all. We're all committed, we're all working hard, and we'll all put some great looking models on the table top.

So, onto the French that I'm painting up. I figured I'd start with a battalion of French Ligne (regular, old, line infantry for those not in the know). Now, I typically paint from a black undercoat. By "typically" I mean that 99.5% of the models I paint are primed black rather than any other color. It's just the way I paint. Anyway, I noticed that the French models are wearing a solid 50% white clothing/equipment, and I've been itching to really try out my pot of Vallejo Pale Wash (73202). After deciding to try it out as an experiment on some wonderful Warlord Games Russian Grenadiers I have (waiting for me to launch into that project this summer), I realized this would definitely be the way for me to go. You can see the test in the photo above, and yes, they are the pink collars and cuffs of the Kiev Grenadier regiment. Quite nice aren't they.

So, simply put, the method is as follows:

• Prime models with white spray (to give you an indication of how infrequently I use white spray, I think my can might be from 2007)
• Wash the areas that will be white with the Vallejo Pale Wash
• Highlight white areas with white paint (I'm using Vallejo Dead White)
• Paint remaining areas as appropriate (usually going back to my normal dark-light process)
• Touch up any white areas with white paint

Above are the first three Perry Miniatures French models (themselves genadiers). The coats look a bit bright in this photo, they're actually quite a bit darker in reality. Also, in the spirit of using washes as intended, I painted the shakoes and shoes with Vallejo German Grey and then washed them with Badab Black. Another good result (particularly on the Russian kiwers.

Here are the next three, fusiliers this time, with their white bits washed and highlighted, and the rest of the painting begun.

Well, I'm back to painting these little Frenchmen for a while. Enjoy your weekend!


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Evil Cleric

One of my teasers from last post was wrapped up last night and photographed this evening. This model is Reaper's Evil Cleric Bledsoe.

Some of you may remember a few models I have painted for the Mechanicon Charity Auction. There's the Vulkan He'staan I did for the 2009 auction winner, and the Ulfhedner for the 2010 auction winner.

The annual Mechanicon auction is in honor of Chris Bledsoe, a dear friend of the organizers who passed away. The money from the auction goes to The Luekemia and Lymphoma Society. The 2010 auction winner again bid high enough to win my services for the 2011 auction. That's right, Kevin Bledsoe - the father of Chris Bledsoe - wanted me to paint up another model. I was honored when Kevin sent me this model, sculpted by the renowned Tim Prow, and based partly on Chris, partly on a character Chris used to roleplay.

This model will be heading off to Kevin in the next few days. And if you happen to be going to Mechanicon 2012 (in November), make sure you get involved in the great Charity Auction for a great cause.


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What's on my table?

Sometimes I end up with a bunch of projects on my painting table at once. Usually more than I'd like, but for some strange reason the they keep springing up.

The projects on my table at the moment include two psuedo-charity projects that I'll talk about more when I've completed each one, but here are two teaser shots. A big tank (above) and a single figure (below).

Then there's the Napoleonic stuff.

I've finished painting my Hussars. Once I've got the bases completed I'll post up more photos on the Guns Of April blog (which you can check out here).

I'm also about to get started on some Shaken/Casualty markers for our big game.

And then I'm going to be working on a unit of French Ligne for a friend of mine.

I picked up some Empire State Troops over the weekend so I can get moving on that spearmen unit for my Procession of Morr army.

And finally, when I wasn't in the mood for all that other stuff, I assembled this guy out of some bits I had on the table at the time. Not sure where he'll end up.

I hope you're all keeping busy!


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A little patina

So, another week, another five Flagellants. This takes the total to 10 models for my Procession of Morr (9 Flagellants and one Corpse Handler). I have another 5 Flagellants primed and on deck.

I've decided to add quite a few bells and hourglasses to these Flagellants and also decided to paint them both with a bronzy/brassy sort of approach. This involves basecoating in Tinny Tin and highlighting up with Brassy Brass (both Vallejo Game Colours). On my first batch of five models I found myself adding a patina by mixing some GW Hawk Turquoise with a touch of Skull White and a quite a bit of Secret Weapon Miniature's Algae wash to get a nice approximation of verdigris.

With over 100 models to go, I also knew I couldn't keep mixing as I went, and mixing up a pot of that mix would be too tough, especially when it came to ensuring the paints didn't separate all the time.

I, therefore, asked Mr Justin at Secret Weapon Miniatures if any of his washes would do a better job of simulating verdigris in one pass. He suggested his Storm Cloud wash, which I promptly ordered.

Along with another Raphael 8404 brush, my newish brush of choice (and the brush of choice of a number of my favorite painters), and...

...a set of the SWM Green pigments, which will be very helpful when discoloring the bronze armor and accoutrements on my character models (once I get around to ordering that Lietpold The Black!) and centerpieces for the army. For an example of the Storm Cloud wash in use, check out the comet on the Flagellant flail above. Not bad at all with no mixing required : )

But speaking of brushes, a guy I know from my FLGS (Games & Stuff in Glen Burnie, MD) has been tinkering with a new product for folks who like to use two brushes when they're painting. The two-brush thing is apparently a method used a lot for getting some nice blending work done.

Anyway, Mike has been working with a supplier and has created this double ended brush, with yes, a brush tip at both ends. This means you "two-brushers" never have to worry about where to stick the other brush again, as Mike says "If you can twirl a pen you can use this brush". For more information (or to buy the brush) you can head to Mike's blog BadDadGaming!


PS. Last night I discovered I'd reached a point I never thought I would reach in my life. Despite many, many purchases since their release in 2007, I have finally run out of Empire State Troopers! Looks like it'll be a trip to the store soon to stock up again for this Morr project ; )

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Go Big Blue!

Well, here in the US, another football season draws to a close with the Super Bowl. This year the New York Football Giants play the New England Patriots for all the marbles.

I've been following the Giants since 1989, so I'm excited to see them in their second SB appearance in the last four years. Last time (Feb 2008) they beat the Patriots in the final minute of the game, and this year promises to be just as close a battle.

I'm also very excited to be watching it with my two daughters, or at least the first half with them before they head off to bed. : )

Miniature stuff to return to the blog tomorrow, I hope.