Friday, February 5, 2010

The Rapid Assault Force approaches

I managed to get the first element of my Rapid Assault Force (almost) finished this week! This Chaos Hellblade (from ForgeWorld) took quite a bit longer to paint than it did to assemble, but it is nearing the finished line. I've gone for a "reversed" scheme for my RAF flyers, using Dheneb Stone for the base color and Scorched Brown/Dark Flesh for the Chaos star.

The Step-by-step painting guide is as follows:

• Drybrush entire Hellblade with Tin Bitz
• Drybrush with Boltgun Metal
• Wash with Devlan Mud
• Wash patches of the Hellblade with Leviathan Purple and Thraka Green
• Wash with Badab Black

• Paint Windsor & Newton Liquid Mask on the metal, where you want the chips to appear. The edges of the wings are a great place.
• Paint the Hellblade with Dheneb Stone
• Drybrush with a mix of Dheneb Stone and Skull White
• Peel off the Liquid Mask, exposing the darkened metal below
• Hit the edges of the exposed metal with Mithril Silver
• Highlight the edges of the chips with Skull White
• Shade the Dheneb Stone with Gryphonne Sepia painted carefully into the recesses.

• Basecoat the Chaos star with Scorched Brown
• Highlight with Scorched Brown/Dark Flesh mix
• Edge highlight with Dark Flesh/Bleached Bone mix

Detail everything else.

As you may have noticed, the cockpit glass is black. That's for two reasons:
a) I wasn't happy with any of the paintjobs/color schemes for the pilot
b) I lost the original canopy and built a new one from plasticard

Of course, as soon as I finished painting the new canopy I found the old one!

Back in November I donated a 28mm Single Figure paintjob to the Mechanicon '09 Charity Auction. The winner of the paintjob recently sent me his chosen model, Forgefather Vulkan He'stan. I'll be shipping him off next week.

And the base is from Dragon Forge Design.


  1. Great work all around on these dave. I am sure the winner of that auction will be very please. I really love the scale like painting you did on the armour shins. Also I think I will have to try out that paint tech on my vehicles. Cheers!

  2. Most excellent on the Vulkan. Alex (Rogue Vally Minis) did one for me that I won in a give away on his Blog. Different colors but impressive to say the least.

    Loveing the Hellblade. Can wait to see the rest of the force.

  3. Great job on the HellBlade! I hope this isn't in bad taste to ask, but; how long is that model (like, in inches)?

  4. Thanks guys

    Sorry for the delay Mr. Esty, the Hellblade is 10" from tip to tail.


  5. That process for painting the Hellblade is basically the process I use for painting most of my vehicles, except that I use rubber cement for the mask medium. Great job so far, I anticipate the final result will be fantastic.

  6. Thanks, Dave! That's a big help :D

  7. Wow Dave, great job on Vulkan! I can't wait for James to field it so I can beat him! ;)

    Still want to commision something from you as well, let me know when you have time in your schedule to talk about it!

  8. Hey Dave, thanks for the tutorial. If you don't have a sue for one of those canopies then I'd be glad to pruchase/trade it from you - I bought a hell blade myself a while ago but it's lacking a canopy and I've been in dire need of one ever since!

    Feel free to drop me an e-mail at dial_595 (at)