Friday, September 12, 2014

Mechanicum - Cerastus Knight-Lancer Part One

No prizes for guessing what's in the bath of Simple Green. This weekend's assembly project is a Cerastus Knight-Lancer. I'm looking forward to getting this puppy built, and if I can squeeze in a little time, I'll even build a pilot for it : ) And that's a Tech Deck base in there from Dragon Forge Design.

And for those who have not yet seen the rules for the Cerastus Knight-Castigator (the one with the sword), Forgeworld apparently posted these rules up today. Check out the madness that is the sword! S10, AP2, with Deflagrate, and the ability to auto hit all models in base contact at Int2. Perfect for wiping out Terminator hit squads!

And with that thought I bid you all a great weekend!


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Mechanicum - Completed Thanatar, and more automata!

I squeezed in a little painting on the weekend, and yesterday my FW Iron Hands decal sheet arrived. I received a neat tip from an excellent modeler on a Facebook HH group about the Mechanicum symbols on the sheet and wanted to use one on the shoulder of my Thanatar. Of course, once the sheet arrived I realized my black shoulder pad wouldn't really display the symbol properly. I quickly went for a deep red on the shoulder pad, added the decal, and then finished it all off with some chips and scratches.

I hope you like it : )

I also finished up the Castellax (his shoulder pad received the same treatment).

And four of my final 12 Thallax. Just eight more to paint now.

And finally the group shot of the recent automata painting spree.

Along with my decal sheet, I received my Cerastus Knight Lancer. I hope to start cleaning and assembling him this weekend : )


Saturday, September 6, 2014

A New Look for the Blog

I've been tinkering a bit with the blog recently, and thinking of a few new things I can do.

Welcome to the start of the new layout. I want the blog to look nice and clean, with the posts continuing as the primary focus, but with the added potential to do some other things. These other things will include a little bit of advertising, and the ability to better promote the miniature based activities of my friends "in the business". 

The first incarnation of this is new approach is exemplified by the Kickstarter project being run by long-term friend of the blog, Nick Baran. I invite you to click on the image at the top of the sidebars to the right and see what his very cool new miniatures boardgame - Broken Contract - is all about.

Stay tuned for more tweaks, and feel free to leave you thoughts and/or suggestions in the comments below.


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Mechanicum - The Thanatar PIP

Crazy times lately, my apologies for the slow trickle of articles appearing on the blog. I'm not attending any shows over the next two months, so hopefully I can get a good rhythm going again with some fresh Mechanicum and Imperial Knight units, plus a few posts about a Napoleonic commission I'm working on, and some terrain elements for Infamy: Welcome to the Big Smoke.

Anyway, here are a few Paint In Progress photos of my Thanatar. I'm hoping to have him completed (well, close to) by the weekend. The large brassy areas have been a lot of fun to work on, and now I just have to wrap up everything else : )

The Plasma Mortar needs quite a bit of work (just base colors down at the moment), and the wrinkled bit of grey plastic in front of the base is a loin cloth kind of thing that I'll be painting to match up with the loin cloth on the dreadknight construct I completed last year.


Thursday, August 28, 2014

Calling in the Support!

I finally managed to get this guy wrapped up. He's been sitting on the edge of my desk for the last few weeks, biding his time, unsure of when he was going to slip into the queue. Now, for my larger games of 30K, I have another way for my Death Guard to bring down some pretty nice damage.

I love the wonderfully executed homage to the original, Rogue Trader-era, communications Space Marine. This is the right way to update a model.

And don't forget you have just over 72 hours to purchase your raffle tickets for the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation 2014 army projects. To by tickets for the Ultramarine army, click on the image above. To buy tickets for the Tyranids, click on the image below. To buy tickets for the other armies, click HERE.

All the best to those who have supported the projects this year!