Thursday, May 20, 2010

From the other side of the planet

Hi everyone!

Here's a quick post from the other side of the planet. My family and I are in Australia for two weeks (a trip planned and paid for prior to the crazy car crash) and having fun catching up with friends and family.

Two things for you today. The first of these are pics of Kor'asso Khan. Here's the model I showed you a few posts back, now resplendent in his painted White Scars finery. I hope you like him.

Item number Two is my first real foray into teaching classes at a convention. I'll be at BoLSCon in Austin, TX, at the end of July, running three classes as part of what will hopefully build towards a great hobby "Mecca" over the coming years. For information on the classes, you can check out the announcement here.

Take care folks, and enjoy the good things in life!


Friday, May 14, 2010

The Big Bad(don)!

With all the Primarchs I've worked on recently, it was fun to work on a classic character at regular scale. Abaddon, right-hand man of the Warmaster during the Heresy, and now wearing the Warmaster's Talon. The original metal model, released 14 years ago, is still a great model. He's just a little undersized for the slow but inevitable scale creep.

My client was looking for a fairly simple solution in plastic that he could add to his growing Black Legion. Wonderfully enough, the Chaos Lord in Terminator Armor has a lot of bits that match the stylings of the original Abaddon armor. There was quite a bit of kit-bashing, some brass rods (from GF9), and a bit of putty work to clean up the Talon and create the screaming faces on his daemon weapon, Drach'nyen

This one was a conversion only job, I hope you like him!


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Just another Thursday night.

Let me begin by saying, this Hydra is NOT mine. It was built by a mate of mine in New Zealand. Hagen has been building kick-ass armies for years (most notably an excellent Space Wolves army and an even better IG army). Hagen liked the truck design that Thomas and I came up with that he built his own variant half-track Hydra. The tracks are from the Ork Battlewagon, and the Hydra autocannons are those from the Aegis Defence Line box set.

I've got to say, it looks awesome. I'm going to have to steal it ; )

On to what I've been working on this week. I wrapped up these five Blood Angel Storm Shields for a commission. Some fun little sculpting bits.

And I've done some more work on the Tanith Scouts unit. The keen-eyed amongst you will notice that I have added cloaks to all the models now, and switched out a few of the helmeted head for hairy (and other) heads. While this may seem like a capitulation, it isn't. After chatting with Mr Abnett, the conclusion was that Gaunt's Ghosts do indeed wear helmets that would be part of the standard IG kit. The Tanith were less likely to do so, The Verghastite probably more so, and the Belladon are very fond of their headgear. Plenty of opportunity for mixing and matching ; )

So, I hope you all had a great week. Have fun.