Friday, May 27, 2016

INQUISITOR - Two sides of the same coin?

Thanks for bearing with me through these busy times. So much to do that often there isn't a moment to be posting on this blog or browsing through the wonderful blogs of others.

I wanted to make sure that my client had a chance to check out these models before I posted the, and now that he has seen them, I can reveal the latest two Inquisitor models to you.

The first is Inquisitor Covenant, one of the coolest Jes Goodwin sculpts ever, and certainly a lynchpin in the original releaseof the game and miniatures range. I've copied the Studio paint job here, and I think it's quite interesting how it highlights the variety within the Inquisition. While Witch Hunter Tyrus is all kinds of bold and brash in his gold armor, Covenant is much more reserved, but no less Inquisitorial, in his black stormcoat and deep red armor.

Facing off against Covenant this month is this Chaos Magus. My client gave me free rein on this one. I was allowed to pick the god that he would follow, and any conversions that might entail. I had already decided on Tzeentch (thanks to the prompting of a few friends) and was about to start work on him when the photos of Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower started to drop. I loved the look of the Magus in there, so I went to town. The helmet is sculpted from scratch, putty over vanes of plasticard (see below). When it came to painting him, I knew I wanted to keep him nice and bright and skirting the boundaries of garish. I hope I've hit that mark : )

I'm not sure when I'll get to the Cultists to go with him, but rest assured that they will also be inspired by the Silver Tower models.


Thursday, May 26, 2016

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

WW2 - A few more American tanks... and a little surprise from Gerry!

As is becoming increasingly typical, it has been a really busy month. Not even enough time to put up a few blog posts! Well, hopefully I'll be able to clear a backlog of work that I can show you over this next week *crosses fingers*

One of my recent commissions was to paint up a few more tanks for a return client. I painted a whole bunch of American tanks for Josh about this time last year (check them out HERE), and then later in the year I added a few Pershings and Patton himself (check them out HERE).

This one was another quickie painting up three Shermans (with four turrets) shown above and below.

 There was also another Pershing to add to the tanks I painted last September.

And finally, for the Americans at least, is the M34 Heavy Tank, which apparently sported a 120mm main gun. Brutal.

The German surprise was this Panzer VII Maus, and almost-experimental Heavy Tank that the Germans built in the early months of 1945. It was incredibly heavy and its mobility suffered because of it. Apparently a couple of them were used in the defense of Berlin. (UPDATE: See Jakub's note in the comments below regarding the Maus). Rather than going with an "expected" German armor color scheme, Josh asked me to match the camouflage in a photo of a WW1 German tank model he sent me, and to give it the crosses you see on the model (hand-painted on).

And finally, I painted up this Imperial German officer (WW1 uniform).

Hope you liked this quick commission.


Monday, May 16, 2016

INQUISITOR - Some of the Henchmen.

An Inquisitor can't do everything by themselves, and sometimes the things they need others to do are particularly unsavory. Enter the demonic, the dangerous, and the downright dastardly.

To be honest, though, I can't reminder all of their backstories, so it's possible that Slick isn't dastardly at all, but I'm sure Churabael is considerably daemonic, and that Damien 1427 is completely dangerous!

Churabael, Bound Daemonhost

Damien 1427, Arco-Flagellant

Slick Devlan, Gunslinger

Thursday, May 12, 2016

DARK AGE - More models on deck.

I've been busy recently, including a trip to CMON Expo in Atlanta for work. While there I took the opportunity to pick up some more Dark Age minis for my collection. As I'm primarily playing Salt Flat Nomads, I felt that a nice mix of longer range firepower and brutish strength would be the way to go. Enter Lucky (above left) and Jarl Ramsaur (above right). I'm looking forward to painting these two quite different models.

And to expand my Salt Flat Nomads directly, I picked up this preview release of Lynette, the Master Herder, and her companions Ideo and Vox. These cat-creatures have a nifty set of attacks that can be pretty savage.

I've also decided to delve into a few conversions (finally). Here's a Brute on his way to being converted into a Salt Flat Nomads-aligned Brute. The next step is adding a rough linen cloak.