Tuesday, February 16, 2016

INQUISITOR - Witch Hunter Tyrus and Hive Ganger Talon

I realized this morning that I'd forgotten to post up these two additions to the Inquisitor commission. Tyrus is the poster boy for Inquisitor, appearing on the cover of the book as he does. For this depiction I decided to go a bit brighter and bolder than his cover image.

Although h has a very "Catachan" aesthetic about him, I decided to avoid any green in his color scheme, which led to a bit more of a utilitarian, grungy look - perfect for Hive Ganger Talon : )



  1. They are SO good for SO many different reasons. Lovely stuff!

  2. Great work on these, but I particularly like Talon, the colors you chose really accentuate his "ganger" nature.

  3. Top painting Dave, the little flashes of colour you use like the blue on the lenses is great inspiration to add a little something to my zombie survivor dudes.

  4. Fantastic work Dave! Skin on the talon and overall color choice/details are gorgeous!

  5. Beautifully done! Tyrus looks the business and Talon really has an old-school Orlok vibe. Can't wait to see more of these!