Friday, June 5, 2015

So, I hear you are after some tanks...

As has been the story for the first half of the year, I've been incredibly busy with work during May. It shows no sign of slowing over the summer either. Sounds like a good problem to have : ) The only thing is that it does impact the rhythm of there blog, and for that I apologize.

Anyway, I thought I'd show you all the American Tank Company for Flames of War that I painted in April for a client. I learned quite a few things last year when working on this Armored Recon Force that I was able to apply to these tanks.

Above are the command tanks (Abrams is on the left). Below are the tank platoons, with a mix of different Sherman variants and Chaffees.

Here's the artillery support in the form of a battery of Priests.

The anti-tank support.

And a couple of objectives.

Finally, a tank I had never seen before - the T28 Super Heavy. This massive tank was initially designed as a breakthrough tank that could smash the Siegfried Line in Europe. After a conference in March 1944, five of the tanks were ordered. They were not ready by VE-Day and American commanders considered they might be handy in the planned invasion of the Japanese mainland. Only two prototypes were ever made, and one of them burned up during testing. The only surviving prototype is in now apparently at Fort Benning, Georgia.

My client likes to play around with various "what if?" situations, so wanted one of these cool models (from Heer46) to round out his collection.

I hope you like them : )



  1. Very nice models. Never heard of that T28 tank, it looks like a monster!

  2. Lovely work, man - that T28 is great!

  3. Wow!

    I'd hate to note - yet again - that you're a rather good painter...

    ...but I had to read on to check that the first pics weren't 28mm models! Fantastic, mate!

  4. very good job.

    Un gros prototype en prime :)