Monday, June 15, 2015

New Dragon Forge Kickstarter!

As many of you might know, my Mechanicum/Adeptus Mechanicus forces all stand tall on the wonderful Tech Deck bases from Dragon Forge Design. I've been using these bases for three years or so now and love them dearly. Jeff has, after much pleading, finally sculpted some great new bases for the line that he is now releasing as part of his latest Kickstarter (launched this morning, if I'm not mistaken). He asked me to paint up some examples, and here they are : )

50mm rounds

60mm ovals (perfect for Skittarii snipers)

75mm oval - One

75mm oval - Two

75mm oval - Three

80mm round

105mm oval - One (perfect for Ironstriders)

105mm oval - Two (perfect for Ironstriders)

120mm oval

130mm round (perfect for Dunecrawlers)

The second Knight base in the series.

So head on over to the Kickstarter and support a small business : )



  1. Thanks Dave,

    Here is the actual live link for the Kickstarter!}

    Jeff Wilhelm
    Dragon Forge Design

  2. Gorgeous! Jeff's work is the standard by which all other bases are judged in my experience. I absolutely love his work, and you've done an amazing job painting up the new examples!

  3. Gorgeous! How do you get the rust to look so good?

  4. If you are not using Dragon Forge bases or flyer stands but soon will be. IT'S THE GREATEST DECISION YOU HAVE EVER MADE!

  5. Glad to support Jeff's wonderful bases!

    I wouldn't mind seeing a rust tutorial some time as well. Your metals always look great, Dave.

  6. Stellar job on these paint jobs Dave. I backed this as soon as I saw that new knight base. It's so frigging gorgeous!