Friday, May 8, 2009

Games Day Baltimore is tomorrow!

So, tomorrow is Baltimore Games Day 2009.

I have a lot of mixed feelings. It will be the 34th Games Day I've attended (in 4 different countries), but the first I've attended as a "regular hobbyist".

I'm kind of excited to be able to enter almost all of the Golden Demon categories, and it's kind of nice to know I don't have to worry about set-up or tear-down, or making sure that the electricity is on at the speed painting table (of the previous 33 I ran 11 of them, worries galore).

All that "kind of" is tainted with the knowledge that I won't be running the show, spending my day running around and making sure that everyone's having a great time. The early days, late nights, and serious heavy lifting have always been worth it in my books. I wish every one of my friends still "slaving away" behind the scenes the very best of success tomorrow. Onwards and upwards!

I mentioned the Demons, because this year I'll be entering 10 categories in Baltimore. I've painted two models specifically for this show and I've taken a few shots of them for you to check out. My other 8 entries are taken from some of my latest army work in those categories.

There he is, my Goff Nob that is my part of the Team North America Charity Ork Challenge. More news to come on this project. I hope you like this guy! The display plinth is from Dragon Forge Design.

I've had the parts for this guy laying around for quite some time (I haven't painted an Inquisitor mini since 2001) and I figured that the addition of the Large Scale Model category this year that I should do up a piece specifically for it. I've painted him up using the Lucky 13s color scheme, and displayed him on my snazzy display base from Wayne Turner. This base was used on my Open category entry in Chicago in 2007, Captain Nathaniel Garro.

And here is one of my eight "already painted for something else" entries. In somewhat-common painting parlance, this is known as the shotgun approach. Entering as many categories as possible in the hopes of picking up a trophy. Perhaps on Sunday or Monday I can let you know how it went ; )

To be honest though, there'll be some crazy-tough competition. I'm going to be really happy if three or four of my entries can make it past the First Cut.

Oh, and here's the finished version of the windmill! It'll head off to New Zealand on Monday.

Wish me luck, I'll need it!



  1. Good luck, your minitures always inspire me to put more detail in my models. I am sure you will do awesome.

  2. Good Luck Dave! Enjoy your day as a regular hobbyist. Once you get past the first few "feeling weird" moments, I'm sure it will be great. Keep track of the number of people that come up to you assuming that you are still running the show ;)

  3. Wow! I saw these models in the GD, they were sweeeeeeeet. Especially the goff nob. Nice work!