Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Heroes of Armageddon - Scratch sculpted character!

When we first embarked on this crazy adventure (The Heroes of Armageddon Charity Project), I cast about, asking a bunch of celebrated miniature painters I know to join in the "fun".

Chris Borer - winner of FOUR Golden Demon Slayer Swords and all round excellent guy - offered to provide the Master of Ordnance for the Steel Legion Command Squad. Then he floored me by offering to sculpt it from scratch. Above you can see the wonderful miniature he has created (from greystuff or procreate, I'm not sure which). As Chris himself said when he sent through this pic, this model could probably do double duty as either the Master of Ordnance, or an Officer of the Fleet.

Chris is currently painting this model up to be his entry for Golden Demon. Wouldn't it be great if he could pick up his FIFTH Slayer Sword with this model. What and awesome part of the Steel Legion prize : )

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  1. That is badass. I've been a fan of Chris Borer's work since I got into the hobby 11 years ago, and he's certainly inspired some of my painting. IMO, he's one of the few guys whose work has always captured the imagery of Warhammer 40k perfectly.

  2. I wish I could buy one of these!

  3. wow, the detail on that is astounding!

  4. I really like this model. One of the things I noticed is that it looks to be an evolution of his model from Adepticon last year. Similar coat, head, arm position- but added more '40k' elements like the rebreather, etc. I love it. If Chris was to sell metal castings of this, I'd get one in an instant.


  5. That is sweet! I remember my first Games Day- Chris entered some sweet Crimson Fists that had some crazy green stuff work on it. Awesome!

    Ditto what Dr Gabe said- I'd love one of these

  6. This model is amazing! I fully agree with Jonathan, Chris was always able to catch the imagery of Warhammer 40k perfectly and create a unique peace of Art! For those of you who want to include this model in to their collection I can assure you that it will be possible in the future. Just follow Chris’s website.

  7. Chris and I used to game together way, way back in the time machine and he is always working on something amazing.

  8. Beautiful model, but all i can picture is him saying "wheres that techmarine my ipad is acting funny again!"