Thursday, July 21, 2011

The actual "Heroes" of Armageddon

As the countdown timer on the right ticks down towards the time of the drawing for the winners of the four Heroes of Armageddon armies, we continue to have some wonderful images trickle in.

First off, Lord Dante is leading the Blood Angels army (obviously) and has been painted by Slayer Sword winner Thomas Schadle. It's a truly beautiful job. You can see more of Tom's work by following him here on Facebook.

Next up we have Wazdakka Gutsmek, the leader of the Speed Freaks army, converted and painted by John Shaffer. John is not only among the best hobbyists working for Games Workshop, but he's also the nicest guy in wargaming. John has warned us that there'll probably be a few more small touches he'll be adding to this model over the weekend.

Then we come to the biggest "Hero" of all, Ghazghkull Thraka. He must be good as he's the only model to have leant his name to a Citadel paint color ; )
This beast is currently being painted by Mathieu Fontaine. Mathieu has won Golden Demon awards in more than three countries, and is planning on heading to Australia later this year to try to conquer another show. You can see more of his work here.

While not technically a "Hero", this Master of Ordnance is still a brilliant piece of art currently being worked on by *cough* four-time Slayer Sword winner *cough* Chris Borer. You can check out the scratch sculpt here, and see more of Chris' work here.

Finally, the leader for the army I've been coordinating, the "Old Man" himself, Commissar Yarrick. Yarrick is being painted by my friend Kirill Zhilkov (aka The Mad Russian), who has been quite coy about sending me WIP shots. Here are a few photos of the base that Kirill sculpted himself.

To be honest, Kirill is painting Yarrick even as I type, making sure he'll be ready and in with a shot for the 40K Single figure category at Chicago Games Day next weekend.

So there you have it. Four awesome "Heroes" (and one awesome lackey) on their way to Chicago for the festivities there.

In the meantime, please keep an eye on the Heroes of Armageddon blog, and also check out the great Doctors Without Borders post on the Santa Cruz Warhammer blog as a bit of a reminder about why we're all doing this.

Take care, donate your asses off, and be kind to your fellow man.



  1. Amazing minis! Spectacular stuff.

    But I have to point out that the -actual- heroes of Armageddon are the White Scars! (who are too busy outflanking to appear in this competition!)

  2. Three words: Macharius Solar Orange!

  3. My bad on the paint name thing, but I'm no so sure about the White Scars ; )


  4. Almost all of this minis are truly impressive (this "almost" come for the silhouetted Yarrick, of course), but I have to say that this dante is totally awesome, and the wings detail brings the mini to a very new level.