Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Back from Adepticon!

What a blast!

Adepticon was, once again, a great event. Well-run by a big team of enthusiastic volunteers, the show had even more to offer the attendees this year. Speaking of attendees, there were over 1300 of them who registered - an increase of around 300 from last year.

I had fun on Thursday evening, helping a bit with the set-up of the Gale Force 9 booth and catching up with old friends from across the continent.

Friday and Saturday saw me running around a lot, snapping pictures of the Flames of War, Warhammer Ancient Battles, and other historical demo games. There are plenty of pics for my Wargames Illustrated article (and subsequent web bonus material), very exciting!

Saturday night I entered into the Rogue Demon competition. Horus for the Single Sci-Fi category, Jeb Stuart for the Single Historical category, Pater Sin and his Brood for the Regiment/Squad category, and Rylanor for the Large Monster/Vehicle category. I was rewarded with two Bronze medals, one for Jeb and the other for Horus. Very happy with those results!

Sunday was the 40K Championships. I brought along my Blood Pact Army and made sure I was entered in the "Black Library Themed Army Competition". Over the course of the day I discovered there were no less than 15 armies up for consideration : )

My games were interesting, to say the least. Three very friendly opponents who all played good games. My luck started out strong in Game One against Tony and his Daemons, but waned in turn three leaving me with a mere two Battle Points (default because Tony's army contained neither Fast Attack or Heavy Support to start with). Game Two saw me up against Erich with his Vostroyan IG. Although I struggled early in this game (managing to just blow the guns off a Vendetta after hitting it 8-9 times with plasma and lascannons), my luck returned with the arrival of my own Vendetta filled with my new veterans and I clawed back a draw, so I added 20 more BPs. Game Three saw me up against Mark and his fairly straightforward Chaos Space Marines. No tricks, just solid stuff. This game didn't see my luck swing either way, it stayed awful all the way through. Losing four tanks by the end of turn two certainly didn't help things. I ended that game with 0 BPs.

I got a glance at the tournament list after the show, I placed 90 out of 110 for the Blue tournament, not too bad as I think I was the one who scored the lowest number of BPs (22 of a possible 145).

Vince from Black Library was very generous on the day and awarded four prizes for the Theme competition, I placed second. Congrats to C.J. and the other generals who won the other prizes! Long live the Black Library!

And to wrap up my quick blurb about my adventures at Adepticon, I leave you with this picture from the army that won Best Army Appearance and Players' Choice in the 40K Championships (Blue). It is of a handful of Brandon Palmer's Chaos Space Marine Terminators from his Scallywaggin' army. Truly some spectacular work. Brandon is from GMM Studios and you can see some more pics of his army on their site.

Great to see many of you at the show, and I hope you return next year for more fun and hijinx!



  1. Thanks again for the seriously amazing work on Horus. He's without any doubt the pride of my collection.

  2. Good write up, I'm waiting to hear and see more. Apparently yours was not the only Blood Pact army.

  3. Dave,

    It was good chatting with you this weekend, by the way how many other times did you show off your daughters pics to, your not proud of that modeling project are you ;-)

  4. @Jay - thanks mate, glad you like him!

    @ Muskie - I think there were at least four I heard about, sorry I didn't get to see Doc's closely

    @Tim - good to see you too. Truth be told I showed her picture to at least 20 others. Yep, I'm a proud poppa : )

  5. Congrats on getting so close with that Horus model mate.

  6. Excellent report. Hopefully I can make an attendence next year. Thanks for the updates, and such.

  7. Yo it's my new homeboy Mr. Taylor!