Thursday, April 30, 2009

What's that over there?

Well, at least that's what I'm thinking this J.E.B. Stuart miniature keeps asking me.

Why a Civil War mini? Well that's what I've been painting over the last couple of weeks, and the best thing is it's been for work! The great Confederate cavalry commander (above) and half a dozen Union cavalrymen will be making an appearance in the July issue of Wargames Illustrated (#261) as part of our "American Civil War -The road to Gettysburg" theme.

The finishing touches on the re-launch issue (#260) are being finalized in England as I type, and I have to say it has been a pleasure to work with Dan Faulconbridge on this one. I have certainly learned a lot about putting together a magazine that isn't a "house mag". There's a certain freedom that is VERY refreshing. I have also learned that I need to start pushing my personal design and layout skills a bit, skills that have atrophied over the last few years of management. Anyway, this all means I'm very happy with the way my new job is going!

Oh, and I thought I'd throw in this pic. It's my take on a Dutch Windmill for Flames of War (or any other 15mm game with the potential to be set in Holland). The brief was to build a Dutch windmill from materials that are really easy to get a hold of. While I still have a few more things to add to the model above (including paint) this have been made from a cereal box, some Coke cases, a Bic pen, and a handful of bass wood strips (perhaps the toughest thing to get a hold of thus far). As well as making it into the upcoming Firestorm: Operation Market Garden campaign box coming out later in the year, we'll be doing a "how to" in Wargames Illustrated.

The building in front of the windmill is a resin cast of one of the cool Flames of War French village buildings that'll be released later this year. Jason Buyaki (of Gale Force 9, formerly my colleague at GW, and terrain guru) created all the masters for these pieces and boy are they really beautifully detailed!

So, I finally had a chance to take a good look through the Imperial Guard Codex (thanks Harry) and it is incredibly exciting!

It is full of great possibilities. In my mind there are as many options as there were with the doctrines system and the best part is, the all seem to be worth taking at some point or against some enemies! Although I have over 20,000 points of IG, I'll be using this codex to create lists for my Blood Pact first. The vast array of infantry and character options will make it really easy to field the units described by Dan Abnett in the Gaunt's Ghosts series. My Commander model (one of the first I painted back at the start of this blog) will be easily able to represent Colonel Straken, Creed can be used to represent Sagittar Slaith, etc etc.

My favorite idea (currently) is to add some Infardi (the green-silk wearing pilgrim-cultists from Honour Guard), lead by a Priest and Pater Sin. The Infardi will be built from Empire flagellants and behave as Conscripts in the army. Pater Sin turned up again in Sabbat Martyr leading two blind child-psykers - what a great chance to support my Blood Pact with a Psyker Choir!

Then, of course, there are these models (and character options). Oh what fun I shall have corrupting them!

And that's not even getting to the tanks and support vehicles!

I've almost finished all of my entries for the Baltimore Golden Demons, pics of these to come. Wish me luck!



  1. good luck with GD, cant wait for the pics
    Craig @ cadian8th

  2. Hi Dave, it's Andrew Lum - wondering about your Civil War Cavalry photo, are you using the old GW inks to get the glossy look on the horse? Or is that just a result of the camera and lighting?

  3. Great idea for the Infardi and Pater Sin! Some old redemptionist models would work well in that roll. My first thought for the new codex was to use the new plastic flagellants chained together as a psychic choir. Add a Blood Pact bruiser with a hate dog and I'm set. Perils of the warp? Sic em Rex!

    I still have quite a bit of painting and then some building to do before I get to my HQ, but Straken was my choice as well. Well that or a Commissar Lord to represent the cult of personality that must lead some Blood Pact units.

  4. Wonderful news that you're working for WI - I look forward to reading the new look mag.

  5. Hi guys

    @ Craig, thanks mate. Not sure if I should put some up before or after the show.

    @ Andrew, good to hear from you! The sheen on the horse flesh is just a trick of the lighting (and my poor photography skills), the sheen on the black leather, however, is a mix of Badab Black wash, 'Ardcoat gloss varnish, and Liquitex flow aid. I quite like the result in real life.

    @ Rabid Child - mmmm, hate dog. Might have to steal that Idea! I look forward to seeing a few more of your Pacters!

    @ Andy, it should be much more readily available in the US/Europe/Rest of the World market come June!


  6. Nice windmill you got there.
    Would you be so kind to tell me the dimensions or the reference material you used?
    Thanks in advance.