Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cavalry on Commission

Not content with exchanging converting for diaper changing, I've also exchanged sleeping for a bit of commission work. Below are three Early Imperial Roman Auxiliary Cavalry models I painted up for Tony at Wargames Factory

Tony and the WF team have started producing hard plastic historical wargaming miniatures here in the US! Designed, tooled and manufactured on these very shores. A nice change, I say, when so much manufacturing has been foolishly outsourced overseas. The WF miniatures are all designed digitally and, while the team are still going through the steep learning curve, their sets continue to improve in quality.

I hope you like these. Head to the Wargames Factory site and let Tony know if you do, perhaps it'll lead to a bit more commission work for me ; )

(a very tired) Dave


  1. Nice! Those are really good paint jobs! I'm impressed with the shading on the miniature, well, who I'm kidding anyway right? ;)

  2. Nice paint jobs. Good detail and sharp lines. Though is it just me or are the horses way undersized for their riders?

  3. Hi guys

    Thanks for the comments. I originally thought that the horses were the size of ponies at first, but they are actually "historically accurate" as mot of Rome's cav at this time rode ponies. The things you learn.


  4. They rode ponies? What was the resoning for that, massive war steeds are much scarier!

    BTW, nice paint jobs dave.

  5. Hi DT,
    Nice paint job there!!
    Kevin, Romans weren't big hulking men like the barbarians from the north, maybe they felt intimidated by any thing larger than a pony...