Sunday, March 22, 2009

Completely menacing!

Well, it took a little while, but the Stalk Tank is now painted. Something wasn't working too well when I was taking the photos so they're not the best, but hey, at least you get to see them now.

These will be the last photos I'll be posting for a little while as my baby girl is due to arrive tomorrow morning (she's breech so they'll be slicing my wife open, not an ideal situation). So over the next few weeks I'll be learning how to be a new dad and looking after my wife as she recovers from abdominal surgery and learns how to be a new mum. Fun for all ; )

I hope you like the painting results. I'm very happy with how things turned out. It'll fit in perfectly with the army. Now to work out a way to use it. I'll take some new pics once things settle down.



  1. The stalk tank looks grand!

    Good luck with the baby, I hope all goes as smoothly as possible with the removal of said baby from the wife.

  2. Absolutely stunning, dude. Best wishes to you and your soon to be expanding family!

    Jeff B.

  3. If you are using the new guard codex, have it count as a heavy/spear head Sentinel!

  4. Looks good. Though I think metals are too clean. It could just be the photos, but I think they should be rustier.

    Also congratulations on becoming a father.

  5. The stalk tank is excellent.

    On a more important note, I wish you and your family all the very best,


  6. Brilliant job!

    All the best with the ankle biter too! :)

  7. Absolutely fantastic! Congrats on the baby, btw. Breech births are tough. Good luck with everything :)

  8. Congratulations on both your amazing Stalk-tank and your upcoming baby! May you enjoy both for many years to come.

  9. Hey ive been there with the breech birth with my first child my son everything came out great. I believe everything will be fine and just let me say and early congrats.

  10. Looks very nice as does pretty much everything you do. Breech C-sections are no problem(my daughter was born that way 2 years ago) but be prepared to do pretty much everything for the baby the first day or two since you wife will not be able to get up. Feeding is probably the biggest issue you might run into since normal delivery hormones have not been active as long(they will probably give your wife a shot of something to fool the body into thinking that delivery happened). This leads to a delay in production so bottle feeding will probably be required.

  11. Best of luck with the 'lil one. I was born 8 weeks premature, breach and not breathing under my own steam - but now i'm 6ft, healthy with a cool hobby. Wish you, mother and baby health, wealth and happiness (and the 'lil one a hobby just like Dad's!)

  12. Okay, I finished my own Stalk Tank today, and I'm going to officially consider it the Kid Brother of yours, since it's significantly smaller and less frightening. :)

  13. make resin cast and sell sell sell.

  14. Good luck with the birth and aftermath! I hope there's plenty of joy as well as sleepless nights in your near future :).
    The Stalk Tank looks phenomenal, though I think there might be a couple of things that could perhaps be improved. For one, the bare metal feels a bit plain and looks very 'plastic model'y. I think adding some divots, bullet chips, seams and such to the overall framework could go a long way to offset that. Also, the underside of the body could probably have a few vents/ turbine bulges/ panels/ ribbing/ assorted protusions. This actually has a distinct artistic theory and name- such detailing is known as adding 'Greebles'. This is a fantastic blog that might be worth checking out on that topic

    The specific areas I think could do with some 'greebling' are the slicy forearms, the underneath of the upper thorax (where those arms connect), the metallic pneumatic parts of the legs and the feet.

    I don't think the issue is serious in any way shape or form- this is a stellar model that would give any golden demon field a run for it's money, both in painting and modeling, but it's perhaps something to keep in mind for future models :)

  15. Hi guys!

    The birth went well and the sleepless nights have begun! Should be nice and tough as I've always enjoyed around 6 hours a night. Getting 6 hours in 24 is going to be a challenge. But she's so gorgeous!

    Thanks for the comments on the Stalk Tank too. Certainly a fun piece that I almost consider a prototype (thank you thereisnosaurus for you suggestions on where to add the greebles). MkII should be very interesting. I'm thinking about running a contest to get some cool rules for it in Apocalypse games, so stay tuned for that!

    Back to the feeding!


  16. Grettings from Mexico!

    First of all congratulations for becoming father! and the best of luck`s for this new journey in your life!

    I`m been following your work since de WD! And I must that it`s amazing! I remember your Custodes army from the WD300, beautiful work! Especially the Chaplain in termy armour I love it.
    I`m so happy for discover your Blog, can`t wait to see more of your creations! Hope we can chat in the future!
    Cheers! And keep up the good and amazing work!
    ( The Stalk tank it`s amazing, you make Dan Abnett proud! )
    My mail is hope you can add me so we can talk of this amazing hobby.

  17. ha! ankle biter reminds me that on CoD with zombies if they crawl along the floor we call them bite-your-ankle bob :P great job, must've taken a lot of effort, the stalk tank is good to :P

  18. The stalk tank came out great Dave! looking forward to get started on mine now :)

    Congrats on the baby girl!

  19. The box is at least six feet long and two feet wide. The texture is the same as the hood of a Mercedes, the sides are raised and the top is curved. It's made of the same black rubber that the sides are made of. The top is lined with small, black studs. The box is made of black rubber and has black studs on the top.