Sunday, July 19, 2009

Less than a week to go...

...until Chicago Games Day.

My wife has been incredibly generous. I'm allowed to go to the show, even though I was gone Friday and Saturday this weekend at Historicon (for work, lots of photographs taken). She certainly is an incredibly patient woman. Thank you Julie!

So, on to some of the finished pieces.

Here's Pater Sin. The nemesis of Colonel Colm Corbec, torturing him in Honour Guard, and being responsible for his murder in Sabbat Martyr.

In the descriptions of Pater Sin he has some pretty elaborate tattoos (including a tatt of the Emporer on his left chest). In miniature form it can be very tough to make this sort of thing look good, so I opted for some more vicious looking tribal tatts.

So, Pater Sin will join his mutant psychic choir for my 40K squad entry.

And then there's my entry for the Large Scale Model category, Cherubael! I'm very happy with how the skin worked out on this guy. Dheneb Stone is fast becoming one of my favorite colors.

And a "thank you" to Bob for giving me the Chaos star bit I used on the base. It has worked out very well, adding - I think - to Cherubael's dynamic posing.

More pics to follow later in the week.



  1. Nice work, very... goulish. I can't say I've actually tried any of the foundation paints, should I give 'em a go?

  2. Most definitely Peter, you should try the Foundations. They not only work like GW intended, as great one (or two) coats over black, but there are some really interesting "sub-colors" within each paint. Dheneb Stone, for example, has not only a cream color and some grey in it, but there's also a slight pink. when used in conjunction with some of these other colors it really enhances them.

    Dheneb Stone also works well with Ogryn Flesh wash, Baal Red wash, Leviathan Purple wash, and Gyphonne sepia wash too.

  3. The idea for Patersin is just incredible. Him acting like a father figure to your "psyker battle squad" is so awesome. I am in love. Good luck at the GD. I will see you there and unfortunately be one of your challengers.

  4. Wonderful posing on the demon, did you build this model yourself? Is it an existing one? You are so damn productive!
    Mike at SCW

  5. Love your Pater Sin. Awesome conversion and well painted. Very fluffy. Cherubael is great too. Best of luck, hope you do well as you've clearly put a lot of work in!

  6. *Sobs* Poor Corbec.

    Amazing work, I love your blog and your work! kepp it up and good luck at GD


  7. My wife, unfortunately, is not letting me go this year (I went the last two years to Chicago Games Day and I'm hooked - it doesn't help that my Demon entries did reasonably well, either, and so I've caught "the bug" on that front, too). I can resign myself to the knowledge that with our recent baby and the "between jobs" thing, it would be a decent expense for me to go just for an afternoon - I also haven't touched brush to figure since about December of last year. I'm getting ready to on a Renegade Psyker w/ a converted base, though, the same figure that you painted up for your 'Pact - great figure, isn't it? I love the little details like the skin peeling off his skull.

    Pater Sin and the unholy Psyker Choir look excellent, as does Cherubael - not quite how I pictured him from finishing the Eisenhorn Omnibus recently, but then I'd imagine centuries spent hidden away by an Inquisitor would probably have a significant effect on a Daemon-made-flesh. Bravo!

    Anyhow, from one painter to another, here's hoping you have a good time and that your entries do well!

  8. Those look great Dave. I'm really looking forward to seeing them in person this week. Hopefully, I'll get a chance to stop by and say Hello.


  9. Hi, Dave. You're most welcome again for the Chaos Star "bit" and I'm glad that you feel it's enhanced your finished project.

    Having seen much of your Chicago Golden Demon entry work up close the past few weeks, I'm sure it will make a big impression at Chicago Games Day. Regardless of how it all does when it comes to trophies, people will be buzzing about it I'm sure because your entries have tons of atmosphere and creativity in them on top of the excellent painting. Have a safe trip to Chicago and good luck.

    -- Bob

  10. Oh my god : You could have given a spoilerwarning. I am just reading the third ghost book and have the omnibus on my shelf already.

  11. Hi guys

    Thank you all for the kind words. To answer a few specifics:

    @ Dicatator - I'm looking forward to chatting with you at the show.

    @ Mike - Nope, that's the stock model, pretty cool isn't it.

    @ Tinweasel - Shame you won't be there. Make sure you line it up for next year ; )

    @ Brent - I look forward to catching up mate!

    @ Cannonfodder - Sorry, I didn't even consider it : ( Don't worry though, all the books are great!


  12. Good luck at GD....Team Dave has your back! ;)

  13. Hi DT, Pater Sin and his "boys" are freaking me out!! There's something really bizarre about them that is messing with my head... So job well done.
    Cherubael looks awesome too mate, flesh tones are really blended nicely. I really like the addition of the Chaos star, but I think the rest of the base looks too plain...
    Good luck at Games Day!!

  14. Good Luck with the show,I'm sure you'll bring home a few more trophies.
    I'd like to see a complete Psyker Squad pic with Pater.

  15. Great work of course.

    I love the idea of a baby that is just "wrong." It brings up all sorts of subtle moral questions. Of course a marine would just kill it, but that's the grim darkness of the future for you. Anyways, the kids bring a lot of character to the model.

    I really love the dynamic posing on the possessed chap, the back arch cand neck twist came off quite convincingly.