Friday, July 31, 2009

The Bearer of Bad Tidings

Don't worry, nothing's wrong.

This title is just the title of the last entry I worked on this year for the Chicago Golden Demons.

Mike Anderson did a wonderful job sculpting this model. Such a simple pose that conveys all manner of barely-checked brutality. I bought two of these models as soon as I saw it. As far as conversion work I simply replaced the head with one from the Chaos Knights sprue and replaced the shield with the shield/standard combo from the same sprue. I think the banner top is from the Chaos Marauder Horsemen sprue.

I went for a very simple palette to enhance the simplicity of the model.

Anyway, I have since passed the Bearer on to a friend who helped me through some tough times with kind words and cheerful encouragement. I wish you the best in your studies Ben, I'm sure we'll meet again soon.

Onwards to more projects.

At the moment I'm working on dozens of things (it certainly feels that way). I have to finish the truck tutorial for you all, post the plans for it, assemble and paint 6 of them for sale (a little experiment), build a couple of Usurpers (Blood Pact Medusas) and two AT-70 Reavers for a tournament in October, paint up 20 more troopers for that same tournament, host my parents for three weeks, and continue to work towards building the stockpile of great articles for Wargames Illustrated to get us a bit further ahead. There are a couple of other projects in there but I'll talk about those later.

Until next time, have fun and keep painting!


PS. I forgot to mention, the plinth he is standing I bought from Jeff at Dragon Forge.


  1. I swear you just, excrete excellence. Teach me wise one.

  2. He looks awesome. Your nice simple palette really enhances the mini. I've bought one of these to convert for my army, I think I'll have to settle for a paintjob of somewhat lesser quality though! ;)
    That other Chaos Lord you linked too is another stunner and there's no shame in losing out to that one!

  3. First off congrats on the silver.
    I think you are on to something selling the trucks.
    Be sure to heavily advertise of the usual sites
    But I think they will sell like hotcakes once the word gets out.
    The fact that they are game legal Chimera proxies is what does it.

  4. Hi guys

    Thanks very much.

    @Elazar - the metal id the key feature on this model. A heavy drybrush of Tin Bitz, a drybrush of Boltgun Metal, a patchy wash of Leviathan Purple, a patchy wash of Thraka Green, a Wash of Devlan Mud, a wash of Badab Black, then edge it with Mithril Silver. A fairly straightforward set of colors, just a bit of practice on where to put them. So, with some practice and patience...

    @ BigWill - Will do. We're thinking of selling them in batches of three. I think we'll start with the greys and do a few sets with Catachan Green, then perhaps some desert camo. Should be fun.