Wednesday, October 7, 2015

WARLORD - More YouTube video shenanigans. - cleaning and preparing resin.

I think that Wednesdays are going to be a great place to post my new videos. I can film my fun stuff on Fridays, tinker with it all over the weekend, assemble the videos on Monday and Tuesday, and unleash them on the unsuspecting public on Wednesdays. 

I tell you, it's a lot more work than putting together a blog post! Putting together videos is also a very interesting headspace to move around in. Quite different to blogging. Here I can put something together on the fly or spend days crafting something meticulous. I can crop images and revise my wordsmithing. In my early days of video work, I'm not sure of how best to do those things, but I guess that will all come with time.

Anyway, let's get into the next episode of my Warlord Titan Build, where I talk about (and show) how I go about preparing my Forgeworld resin prior to construction. 

It drags a little in places, there's a fun moment in the middle where I cut myself on something sharp, and I learn that I need to keep things a bit shorter. When I first thought about these videos, I wondered how I would ever fill 15 minutes in a particular topic. Well it turns out I like to ramble, so 15 minutes is going to be difficult from the other end of things - keeping it all nice and concise. Head on over to my YouTube channel and check out the videos so far, maybe even subscribe if the mood strikes you ; )

So, once you've checked out the video, please head on over to my Patreon campaign page and consider pledging. I currently have 12 patrons (thank you all very much for helping this to happen, guys), and I am excited to see that number grow so that I can create more fun content.



  1. You can do all that meticulous stuff in post too. Just record any lines you want to replace on your phone and send them to your computer and import them to you editing software. Split video and audio and replace what you need. Shoot more than you think you need and cut it down more than you are comfortable with. No reason for long videos with long explanations it is moving pictures after all :) It's like weathering. Less is more!

    1. See, it's just about learning how to do it, isn't it ; )

      Thanks for the tip, mate. I'll definitely try it out in a future video.

    2. Yeah, it's just like assembling the parts of a model there is an order to it but the nonlinear edit systems have made it easier to assemble videos on the fly and out of order if you forget something :) What program are you using?

    3. Just using iMovie at the moment. It seems simple enough, and it was free with my Mac ; )

    4. To be honest, that is a stellar little piece of free software. It will become like photographing minis with enough practice :)

  2. Also check out Sorastro's Painting channel on You Tube. He's been doing it for a while and may have some suggestions on production and post-production.

  3. I feel you on how different video is. When I was doing my Kickstarters I tried a bunch of different approaches to the game play videos and the KS videos themselves. I alternated between trying to get the narrative perfect in a single take, and just trying to push through the mistakes and edit them out. It's definitely a process that I muddled through without ever becoming remotely proficient. Haha. I'm confident you'll make it seem like an unconscious skill before long. Keep at it and up the good work Dave!

  4. Great stuff, looking for more tips to come. I'm at the trimmed and washed stage...