Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Mad Max Monster Trucks - Part 2

I teased you all with a few shots of some Monster Trucks earlier in the month. Well I now have all of the first batch of trucks finished, and I am working on a second batch. I figured that I'd roll them out over the course of a few posts, so you can see the build stage and the finished pieces.

"The Client" (as he likes to be called) will be running some gladiatorial arena games at AdeptiCon next year, with up to six trucks at a time taking to "the pit". At the start of the project, we weren't 100% certain about the way we would go with the rams, so The Client let me have free rein to come up with something fun. I put together three different styles of ram, each of which will have different rules in the games. The first of these rams is the old-timey, cow-catcher type of scoop from the days of steam-powered locomotives. 

The second style is designed as more of a car-tipper. The angled rail goes in under the vehicle, which is then forced up along the steel beam and eventually the car tips over.

And finally, a three-pronged penetrator. This trident-style ram is designed to cause maximum damage to the worky bits of an enemy vehicle.

As you will see throughout the following photos, I also tried to add a fighting platform of some sort with a handrail the imaginary Warboys could be hanging on to as the monster truck races to war!

The bodies of the vehicles were kept separate from the chassis to make things easier when it came time to paint them.

The car-tipper was built separately, as it needed to contact both the chassis and body. Once all pieces were painted, the car-tipper was glued into place.

I'll post the paintjobs on these six trucks next time. I hope you like them so far.