Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Mechanicum - Tech-Priest Dominus

This cool model was released just after I hit pause on my Adepts Mechanics plastics purchases earlier this year. With all the work I had coming up, I knew I wouldn't be able to get to him in a timely fashion. More recently, I have been reading through the Skittari and Cult Mechanics background in their respective codexes and admiring this mini more and more...

...so I bought him.

Although he is incredibly detailed, the painting didn't take too long at all, and I think he looks great skittering across that Dragon Forge Tech Deck 50mm base  (not yet available, but coming incredibly soon).



  1. He does look good. You're making me want one.

  2. Beautiful work; I love the half-filled fluid vessel on his back.

    1. Thanks, Marc. It's the little details on this guy that are fun : )

  3. Been waiting for you to paint one of these guys up Dave. Brilliant work. That model is one of GW's best IMO.

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