Friday, October 30, 2015

Mad Max Monster Trucks - Part 4

And here we are, with the penultimate post on the Mad Max Monster Trucks. Something I forgot to mention in the first construction post was the strangeness involved in creating Fury Road versions of monster trucks. 

With a regular car, there are plenty of things you can do to "Mad Max" it up. You can switch out the wheels, you can raise the suspension, you can add extra wheels, you can add weapons, you can add thundersticks, you can enhance the look of the engines with superchargers, etc etc etc.

When it comes to these monster trucks, it was much more difficult. Obviously the wheels are what they are. There's no raising the truck up any further. My client didn't need weapons or thundersticks. So the rams and the fighting platforms and armor plates became the real focus for conversion. 

Anyway, let's take a look at the second batch of six trucks : )

As this truck had a hearse/coroners wagon on top, I thought it would be fun to use running boards instead of a fighting platform in the back. Rather than go for a log handrail on both sides, I chose to smaller handles on each side, imagining four pallbearers hanging on to the monster truck coffin.

The final two reminded me of other vehicles in the Mad Max movie series, so a little conversion work, and some extra effort in the paint jobs (see next post) helped to have them serve as a broader homage to George Miller's grand vision.



  1. Even got the iconic American style school bus! Hope that's staying vaguely yellow?

  2. Really digging seeing these all come together - looks like you're having a blast kitbashing!

  3. How much would it cost tk get my hands on a couple of these? I've been collecting these Hotwheels Monster Trucks since 2005 when I was just two, and these would be an awesome addition to my 290+ truck collection. They look amazing and they're deffinitly something my collection yearns.