Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Very Thankful!

Gather your friends and family close to celebrate.

As the US prepares for Thanksgiving (the annual holiday of family and gratitude that has been perverted by numerous capitalist ventures over recent years), I'd like to take this opportunity and thank all of the companies and individuals who have helped me make Dave Taylor Miniatures a viable capitalist venture of its very own (although not one that'll be sending its employee to work on Turkey Day).

I would like to thank - in no particular order - the following miniatures businesses (or groups) for their patronage, and urge you to check them out over the coming year:

Secret Weapon Miniatures
Infamy Miniatures
Brigade Games
Dragon Forge Design
Grindhouse Games
Victoria Miniatures
Wargames Illustrated
Ninja Division
Ironheart Artisans
World's End Publishing
Broken Toad
Geek Nation Tours
• Mindworm Games

Additionally, I'd like to thank the following commission patrons for their support:

• Anthony Snukis - Tanith
• Brien Dulaney - Infinity and Napoleonics
• Chet Chislom - Conversions
• Dave Pauwels - Assembly
• Hank Edley - Imperial Knights
• Jake Schneider - FOW Tanks (WIP)
• Jason Duffee - FOW Americans
• Phil Bronson - FOW Germans
• Teras Cassidey - Conversions
• Dean Clarke - Napoleonics (WIP)

To all those celebrating, Happy Turkey Day!
To those who are not, Happy Thursday!