Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Foodhammer 2014

Although things have been a bit tough recently (car problems and a wicked cold that laid me out over the weekend), I wanted to take the time to drawn your attention to the fine folks at Fresh Coast Gaming who are organizing Foodhammer 2014. They've run this event in Michigan for the last few years and are ready to rock out again on December 6th!

I'll be seeing off these two beasties to join their massive (and growing) prize pool. I worked on these models back in the day of the GW US Studio team, and both have appeared in WD. The Lictor on the right was actually painted up to go into the 4th Edition Tyranid Codex (I think), but was beaten out (appropriately so) by Victoria Lamb's atmospheric piece.

Anyway, if you are in Michigan and are looking for something to do, please check out the excellent Foodhammer event!



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    1. Thanks so much Dave! This will certainly raise some pretty great donations for the Eastern Michigan Food Bank.

  2. There is also a FoodHammer event happening this weekend in the Vancouver BC area.
    It is our 4th year, and we run events for War Machine, Malifaux, x-wing as well as both FB and 40k.
    This weekend is the closing weekend, and we hope to break $5000 for the Langley Food Bank.

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