Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Knights of House Coldshroud stand ready.

As this goes live, I'll finally be on my way to the hallowed grounds of gaming - AdeptiCon!

This will be my ninth trip to the most excellent of wargaming Meccas, and I'm certainly looking forward to it. I have three nights of gaming lined up, as well as doing some coverage of the show.

The Knights you've seen me painting have already arrived at the show, and will soon be in the hands of their owner. They may or may not see the gaming table on Saturday night as part of the AdeptiCon Titanicus event, it all depends on the number of titans that eventually show.

To ensure maximum flexibility, both Knights have magnetized weapons, so can be fielded as either Errants or Paladins. You can also see them on their lovely Dragon Forge Designs Urban Rubble bases. Gluing them onto the bases was a little tricky, as the rubble is so irregular and the ankles don't flex at all. I ended up put balls of greenstuff under the center of each foot in order to ensure a secure bond, and filled any small gaps by cutting some of the toes off, realigning them, and wedging the odd "brick" (made from plasticard strips) into any small gaps. I'm pretty happy with the result : )

This first Knight above is set up as a Knight Errant (with the melt fuel canisters attached to the gun arm), but it can work quite well as a Paladin too, as seen below.

And this one is set up as a Knight Paladin, with the ammo hopper attached, but again, it could work just fine as an Errant.

House Coldshroud are pledged to support the Legio Gryphonicus (War Griffons), and as such I used the House Hawkshroud icon, repainted in a cold white against a blue background.

Hope you like them, and stay tuned for more from AdeptiCon!



  1. Beautiful model - crisp paint-job, menacing look.

  2. Excellent, they do look lovely as a pair.

    Will you be adding the upcoming Lancer to your own AM force? It looked even nicer than the regular model at the Open Day. Didn't realise how big it was though until Mark Bedford took it out of the cabinet and put it next to a regular Knight.

    1. Yeah, I'll put together one of each (Paladin, Errant, Lancer, plus whatever else FW does). Do over the next year or so I should end up with 3,000+ points of Knights : )

  3. Replies
    1. Hey Dave, I'm helping out with the Macragge Army this year. I'm doing up Telion and 2 Squads of scouts. Is there a forum or email regarding colors and bases?
      Cheers and have fun at the con this weekend!

  4. How difficult is it to magnetize the weapons? It's seems pretty straightfoward but I take this opportunity to ask you since I intend to do the same as soon as I get my hands on one!

    Very nice paint job btw!

  5. Great work Dave! I'm hoping to get one of these bad boys for my birthday on Saturday. Never to old for toys :)
    Cheers Steve