Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Thank You, and a Preview

It always floors me when someone does something unexpectedly awesome. Blog reader Richard contacted me the other day and told me that he had recently received an order from Forgeworld. Unusually, his order contained an item he hadn't actually ordered, a set of Mechanicum Myrmidon Destructors. After contacting FW Customer Service, they apologized for the mix-up and said Richard didn't need to send them back. So what did he do? He very kindly sent them on to me, knowing I'd get them assembled and into my Army (presumably alongside these guys).

Thank you very much, Richard! Your generosity has made my week : )

Also, crappy camera-phone pics of something Knightly have been spotted (pssst, that's the preview).



  1. That's the first Baron conversion I've seen, well I'm assuming it's a baron.

    Also lucky you! It's not every day someone gives away FW resin.

    1. It's a Warden and there is another one floating around... ;)