Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Urban Combat

Over the weekend I was able to drop these Infinity models off to my client (and friend) Brien. He was pretty stoked to get them, and immediately started snapping shots on the urban terrain at Titan Games & Hobbies, a very cool store just north of Baltimore, MD.

You've already seen the first four of the group, above, so here are the other 13, in no particular order.

After my last post I had a couple of people ask for the recipe I used for the flesh, especially on Van Sant's well-muscled arms. Well, here it is:

• base coat with VGC Tanned Flesh
• highlight with a mix of Tanned Flesh and VGC Dwarf Skin
• add more Dwarf Skin for the next highlight
• add VMC Pale Sand to the mix for the next highlight
• add more Pale sand for the next highlight
• shade with thinned VGC Charred Brown (two careful layers)
• shade with Secret Weapon Amethyst wash

It's a bit of work, but there wasn't a great deal of exposed flesh in this group, so I could afford to splash out on it.

I hope you like them : )



  1. That's a nice take on these models. I've only really seen these guys in drabs and greens, so your scheme is pointing out all kinds of details I'd never noticed on these models.

    The Infinity models are a lot like the game I find....highly details, complex and a ton of fun to work with...I just finished my first one on my own blog,

    As always, thanks for the inspiration!


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