Monday, March 25, 2013

Spotlight: Violet Paint

The wonderful work of Christina Piras!

Another blog to shine the spotlight on! Recently I found my way to Violet Paint, the blog of Christina Piras, an Italian painter. Christina's work is very crisp and clean - something I've always strived for with my painting - and her more recent works have some pretty cool colors modulations - something I've been messing around with at times.

Most of Christina's blog is a repository of her finished work, and as such it makes a great "reference library" to draw inspiration from. I heartily urge you to check it out.



  1. I stumbled across her stuff over on C'MON and was hooked. If you like her work you should check out
    Painting Mum by Ana or her gallery at Chest of Colors and also Hoperiver's Valley is an awesome blog by a talented painter too.

  2. Very cool find Dave. Thanks for the heads up :)