Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Infamous Mr Hyde

Over the last couple of weeks I've been chatting with James Griffiths, the man behind the curtain at Infamy Miniatures. During this time I've plucked up the courage to start working on this beast of a man, Frank Hyde. I'll provide this link HERE to give you some more background on Hyde in the world of Infamy.

Chemically enhanced/distorted musculature is obviously the key feature of Frank, and I've enjoyed trying out a few new (for me) approaches which are leading me to a more "painterly"feel. I hope it translates through the rest of the model.

Frank sits atop a display plinth from Secret Weapon Miniatures, and the Infamy Kickstarter begins in just three weeks - July 10 to be precise : )

I hope you enjoy the progress.



  1. Nice start. Glad to hear a painter of your talent needs to pluck up the courage to work on nice minis too.

  2. Nice! The veiny detail looks great.