Friday, June 27, 2014

Painting for Incursion - Part One

I've just recently finished painting up the lovely new models from the Incursion Kickstarter that my friends Jim and John ran last year. I'd like to thank them both for their faith in me, and their inspiration to get Dave Taylor Miniatures (the business) off the ground!

Here are the first batch of new models from the Kickstarter. Above is Hugo von X, the mad scientist behind the creation of the zombies in the game.

Above are the two new Bomberzombies - zombies that have had their bellies replaced with naval mines ; )

The British Ack Pack - a flamethrower perfect for clearing the tunnels under the Rock.

Nigel, the British bulldog who has been tainted by a terrible chemical concoction.

Bridgitte, the resistance fighter who is not quite as she seems.

Rosie the Riveter, on deck to help the boys of the Lucky 7th keep their APE suits running smoothly.

And Gretel von X, this is the exclusive Kickstarter mini, not available through any other means.

Next time, the German Droptroopers!



  1. Awesome paintjobs.

    But surely Dave, you mean *Navel* mines?

    1. *rim shot* Thank you folks, Tim will be here all week ; )

  2. I love these Mr Taylor, Nigel is just superb!

    1. Thanks Mr Awdry. I'll be sure to let folks know when they are generally available. You should be able to get yours from WestWind.