Saturday, June 14, 2014

NOCF - Ultramarine Centurions.

With all of the Old Line Massacre hubbub going on, I've neglected to post some photos of my progress for the NOVA Open Charity Foundation army raffles. For that I apologize. My role in this year's effort is an interesting one. Not only do I get to contribute this squad of Centurions, I've also helped guide both the Ultramarine and Tyranid teams. Over the next six weeks you can expect to see quite a few posts about our progress.

Anyway, onto the Centurions. I was tasked with putting together a squad of Grav-cannon toting guys, but I wasn't completely sure how I wanted to convert them.

Some of you may remember this conversion I did last year, stripping back some of the bulk of the gun arms I wasn't particularly fond of. Well, this conversion inspired Erik Jung to build the Imperial Fists Centurion you see below. I liked the fluidity of Erik's conversion so much, I asked if I could steal it for this project. Erik gave me his blessing. You can even recognize the same pose he used in my Sergeant : ) The cables are the metal power cables from Dragon Forge.

Thanks Erik!

The other very cool thing about this project is that we'll all be using these bases. My friend, Thomas Wynn, teamed up with Justin McCoy from Secret Weapon Miniatures to create this line of Omega Bases. Not only did SWM cast them up for the two complete armies, but they are selling them now. 50% of every sale will be donated directly to the NOCF, so buying these cool bases helps out our chosen charity too - Doctors Without Borders.

Of course, buying raffle tickets puts you in the running for some fantastic looking armies too ; )

Until next time, have fun and keep painting!



  1. Very cool conversions. Always loved the bronze you do.

  2. Looking like a strong start. i just wrapped up telion and the scouts. That snow was so much fun to use and I even bought some extra Ultra bases they were so cool.

    1. I can't wait to see the snow. I've been holding off until someone else took the plunge. We should totally go off script now. Give Dave some curve balls just to keep him in fighting shape. Like maybe we paint imperial fists instead. ;)

    2. Don't joke - you have no idea how hard it was for me to not "keep improving" every bit of paint i did. I could have spent months on Telion alone. Hell they almost all turned into crimson fists with one too many shade glazes on the armour. Thank god for the deadline or they could have each ended up being from a different ultra successor chapter o_O

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