Thursday, September 29, 2011

The 3rd Dragoons

I mentioned my British Dragoons in my Napoleonics Update post a few days back, and now I think I have enough models painted to show you my progress. Here they are, the men of the 3rd Dragoons, part of LeMarchant's Heavy Cavalry Brigade. I'll be using these devastating horsemen in our game at Adepticon next year.

Our "what if?" scenario will see them diverted from the main action to help settle things on the battle's left flank. In the actual historical battle, Le Marchant's Brigade advanced alongside Leith's 5th Division (infantry) against Maucune's Divisions of Frenchmen. Seeing over 1,000 cavalrymen approaching, the French regiments drew up into squares - the standard tactic of the time as the square formation was nigh on impregnable to cavalry charges. However, squares were horrendous formations against infantry.

Leith's infantry division tore apart the French squares with devastating volleys and Le Marchant's heavy cavalry rode in to finish off the job.

My limited research has shown an interesting thing (or at least I think it's interesting). It seems that cavalry regiments aimed to have their men mounted on horses of the same color (or at least same color by squadron). So, for my 3rd Dragoons I've chose a very dark brown. At the start of the Peninsular War, most of the heavy cavalry were mounted on black steeds, but as casualties mounted (no pun intended), other dark colored horses were brought in to fill the ranks. It also seems that musicians were mounted on grey horses, I expect to stand out from their mates and make it easier for the officers to spot them and have them signal charges, retreats, etc. My next trumpeter's horse will be a bit lighter than this one I think.

And are the final four to join this unit. Hopefully they'll be complete by the end of the weekend. Then I can get everyone based up and photographed again.

Also, these models are from Front Rank. Nice models on the whole, good detail, but they feel slightly off in the anatomy department. I think the heads might be a bit to big, but I'm sure everything will look cool once it's on the tabletop.



  1. Dave thank you for your blog. When I get frustrated by the sea of grey minis I can always look at what you have done recently and it keeps me hopeful that one day people other than me will actually paint their minis. Gorgeous minis as always.

  2. Thanks vhwolf, perhaps together we can start the long and arduous task of getting folks to paint their armies. Oh, and I suspect it'll be reasonably thankless too.

    Never give up the good fight. Wargaming is great fun, wargaming with two fully painted armies is awesome!