Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A few more Tanith for you...

And so, without further ado, here is the first platoon completed for this fun Tanith army project. Clockwise from front left you can see: The Treadfether squad (missile launchers), Meryn's Squad (including Dalin Criid), Mkvenner, 'Shoggy' Domor's Squad (including Merrt), and Rawne's command squad - including Rawne, Brostin, and Commissar Hark.

As for details, here is Major Rawne. His pose is based on a panel from an old comic strip that appeared in White Dwarf over a decade ago. I was lucky enough to be given the original artwork for this strip, and I keep it close at hand. The artwork is by Karl Kopinski!

Here's Brostin. Described as a huge, heavily tattooed, and hairy pyromaniac, I found it interesting to try to bring all those things into the one model. One his left arm and right hand, I included some fairly nasty burn scars too.

The rest of the squad are made up of a voxcaster, a specialist with grenade launcher, and a medic. 

One thing I did to add a little extra detail to some of the elements of the army was cross-hatching. I put some on the gauze bandage the medic is unrolling and on the knees and lower legs of the weather-beaten Mkvenner.

In the comments for my last post I mentioned the Tanith cloaks being mostly slung or stowed. above you can see the greenstuff work I did on a variety of troopers. Below are the painted packs.

From A to G, the backpacks are from the following sources:
A - A backpack and cloak roll sculpted by me (as a bit of a time study really)
B - The small pack from Secret Weapon Miniatures
C - The small pack with cloak roll added by me
D - The comms pack from Secret Weapon Miniatures
E - The large pack from Secret Weapon Miniatures
F - The large pack with underslung cloak roll added by me
G - The small pouches that cover the back of the MaxMini Combat Armour Torsos

Finally, a commenter asked about the prone guy on this base. I thought I had a better shot of him, but here's what I've got.

To make a prone Guardsman:
• Take a pair of either Cadian or Catachan legs that do not have bent knees (or only very slight bends). I generally cut the boots off the model at the point where the boots and pants meet. This should be a very clean cut.
• Glue the legs down flat to the base you are using, then reattach the boots so they look right against the ground. In the example above his left foot is lying with instep completely flat against the ground, while his right heel is raised slightly to accommodate the slight bend of his right knee.
• Glue on the torso. Depending on your final desired pose, you may need to pack out the underside of the joint with some greenstuff (as you can see on the example above). This will give a bit of an arch, try not to make it too extreme.
• Test fit an appropriate head. Again, depending on the angle you're looking for, you may nee to trim down the front of the neck, and rebuild it with some greenstuff work.
• Add arms and weapons as desired.

I hope you like these guys. I'm excited about seeing the whole army together (in a year or two).


PS. My Ogre Kingdoms book arrived last night. Hopefully that will inspire me to shoot a bunch of my Ogres for you.


  1. Dave, nicely done! I especially like the work you did on Rawne and Brostin. You did a great job capturing both characters.

  2. Do I see Eszrah ap Niht in the back? Can I get a better picture?

  3. I like the texture on the bandage, lol. GJ DT!

  4. I also second that request for a pic of Eszrah, love to see how you did the reynbow. really like them all, especially Broston (how do you do your facial hair and burns?). Other than that the only think i could say is that the First squads flame trooper sticks out a lot, but still looks awesome

  5. Hi guys

    Thanks for your comments, much appreciated.

    @Unknown & Njal - Not Eszrah, but Mkvenner. And you'll get to see some shots of him once I'm ready to show him ; )


  6. Very very nice man, they look great and I love the cloaks. I also like the dagger on Rawne.

    I didn't realise that the packs were from Maximini, I have some to but have not used them yet. But seeing them done now they look really cool, and I will have to find a use for them.

  7. Your hobby-fu is as strong as ever, Dave. Nice job!

  8. Really nice job.

    This is so amazing to see how you get convincing Gaunt Ghosts only with "basic" plastic kits.
    I love Mkvenner, and Domor too ;-)



  9. Hey dave,

    What colors did you use to make the tanith?
    Also how did you sand the shoulder pads?


  10. Hey Dave,

    Any updates?

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