Monday, September 19, 2011

FOW Panzergranadiers - Part 7

Another quick update for you all after another busy weekend of birthday parties, street fairs, ghost tours, and crab feasts. The things we do to keep our children entertained ; )

Above you can see my Infantry Gun Platoon, armed with the 7.5cm leIG18 light infantry guns. Their role was to advance with the infantry attack, taking out hazards like enemy machine-gun nests.

I also painted up a platoon of Panzer IV Ds for the Mittlere Panzerkompanie. For Early War, these tanks are very well equipped, boasting some of the highest armor and (tank mounted) anti-tank ratings of the period.

I also started on some Panzer 38(t)s for the Czech Panzerkompanie list. These are some tanks that will also be able to be fielded in a Mid-War list.

And finally, here is Erwin Rommel ready to invade France in 1940. I'll be able to add him to a few of the Early War German lists.

Well, I've taken a few more photos of the current collection and I'll reveal those each day this week in a new army list each time, so you get a chance to see how it could all be fielded.



  1. Dave, they turned out great. looks like you're having fun in the smaller scale! That's a definite challenge to change up the painting style to work with 15mm.

  2. I expect soon to see you painting Space Marines in WWII colours rather than Napoleonics in space :-)