Sunday, September 25, 2011

Napoleonics Update

Things have been a bit quiet on my Napoleonics stuff this year, but I'm getting the bug to paint some more. Here are three things of note for you to keep an eye out for:

#1 - The Guns of April

A group of friends (including me) have decided to band together and put on a historical game at Adepticon next year. Should things go well there, we might put on a game each year, who knows??? Anyway, the first game we're putting on is a "what if?" scenario based on the left flank of the Battle of Salamanca (1812). With a load of British elites facing off against French regulars, cavalry, and possibly too much artillery, we expect to see over 700 models on the table. We'll have a separate blog up soon to chart our progress. It should be lots of fun.

#2 - 1st Dragoons

With much of the British infantry already in hand (see here), I've started work on the my first unit of British Dragoons. They paint up surprisingly easily, and should look pretty cool thundering across the dusty plains of the Iberian Peninsula. Photos to come soon.

#3 - Great models available via eBay!

One of our crew, Brien Dulaney, has switched sides and is now going to be working on the French (booooooo). To fund his new endeavor he has put up a couple of his British pieces on eBay.

• The first is General Sir Lowry Cole (see the cool photo above), which can be found on eBay here.
• The second is his massive unit of 95th Rifles (cool photo below), which can be found on eBay here.

If you are interested in Napoleonic stuff and looking for a great deal, please head on over and help Brien get the money he needs to buy more French (that will then undoubtedly be ground beneath the hooves of my Dragoons) ; )



  1. Dave, so glad to see you back to Napoleonics... Yours are about my favorite that I've seen, with such crisp, colorful paint jobs and awesome modeling composition... I want your toy soldiers so damn badly!:). Anyway... Glad to see you getting back to them, can't wait to see the photos!

    Lord Ashram

  2. Great to hear!

    Didn't you play a LaSalle battle at Adepticon this year? If so it would be cool to see some pics and some thoughts on the game.


  3. Huzzah for Napoleonics! Hey those models that guy is selling are beautiful! ;)

    Don't worry, my frogs will hop all over that thin red line buddy!

    And I just noticed something... 549 models painted this year?! Is that counting each individual man on your FoW bases as a single model? ;)

  4. Hi guys, thanks for the comments!

    @Jason - We had originally planned for one in 2010, but soon realized it would take us longer to get everything done, and we wanted to do it right. So, at the moment I haven't played Lasalle yet. I'm not much of a gamer anyway, but I really like the "army lists" in Lasalle. They make it quite easy for a Napoleonic novice to collect their army, knowing they'll be able to use it in a game, letting them focus on the fun stuff, like color schemes etc.
    @Brien - Yes, they are nice, now if only he'd paint some more French instead of playing video games ; ) and yes, that's 1 individual model per count, ie. 1 15mm figure = 1 model, 1 Empire Landship = 1 model, etc etc.


  5. Thanks Dave. Funny thing is I asked my friend Eric Hagen to take some pics of your game this Spring, and I gave him a hard time when he told me he couldn't find it. Ha! Maybe I shouldn't tell him the truth... :-)