Saturday, January 30, 2010

What a week!

So, after years of suffering from nothing more than the odd "change of season" cold, a viscious stomach virus decided to take a liking to my innards! It ran roughshod over my daughter and her daycare family too (all the kids, all the parents), which means it was a miserable week in more than just our household.

So, very little hobby time as I lay cramped up in bed or doubled over the porcelain throne. I'll try to get some new stuff done this week and up for you to see. I might even get the Hellblade completed (fingers crossed).

Anyway, I'll leave you on a brighter note. A buddy of mine in Massachusetts is starting his very own Indy GT, the Boston Brawl! On May 15-16, in Cambridge, MA (a very nice part of Boston in my opinion) you'll be able to play in an absolutely great event! Alex is one crazy, enthusiastic guy. I remember when I first met him, playing in the 2003 Vancouver GT while he was wearing a tiara and feather boa (apparently he lost a bet the night before), good times, good times.

So head on over to Alex's website, check out the details, and please, forgive his spelling and punctuation ; )


  1. Sorry to hear about the illness. We have a sick kiddo here too. Never fun to have a family full of sickies!

  2. I hear your pains ! I have my share of stomach bugs running through the house like a orc horde

  3. This is the drawback of having kids. You get whatever Nurgle's Rot is rampaging through the local populace at the time.

    Most folks see kids as wonderful expressions of love and goodness.

    I see kids as Level 4 Hot Zone petri dishes breeding some Ebola/Marburg varient virus that is intent on turning humanity into shambling meatsacks of Nurgle.

    But I'm sure that your little girl is an angel...

  4. Hope you feel better soon. Visits from Greatfather Nurgle are never enjoyable.

    Also, Cambridge: It's the ONLY nice part of the Boston metro!

  5. Dave - got any idea for Blood Wolf? I'm in the middle of brainstorm ;] I'm thinking of him as count as Eversor Assassin (4+inv from warp field, i5 and good wounding makes it best thing i can think of for that monster)

    Problem is that Dan gave only scrap info about how it looks like, so my best thought is mutilated guardsman made a bit more wolf-like thanks to few cuts of blade and stiches.

  6. Dave - you forgot the shoes he was wearing.. :)