Sunday, January 24, 2010

Five Hundred reached!

Well, it happened a bit quicker than I thought it would, but this humble blog has reached 500 followers! Thank you all for your faith in this blog and your comments about the content. I've had a lot of fun working on everything (modeling, painting, and blogging projects included).

I did say that I'd announce a new competition once the blog did reach 500, so here it is. Some of you might think "He's crazy", but I'm pretty sure I established that fact early on.


Let's start with the carrots first, then get to the details of what you need to do ; )

As previously mentioned, Dan Abnett will be sending a personally autographed copy of Blood Pact directly to the winner (once announced). Pretty darn cool, particularly for those readers who don't get the chance to get to a Games Day.

I will also scratchbuild an AT-70 Reaver (or upgrade it to an AT-83 Brigand should the winner desire) and paint it up in my Blood Pact color scheme.

I am also in discussion with a couple of other sources for prizes. Fingers crossed I can announce something soon.


I currently have two tattoos. The first is a solid black Imperial Eagle on my right shoulder. I got this one to celebrate my first five years with GW. The second is a solid black Double Eagle on my left shoulder, based on the "diving Double Eagle" symbol used in the Dan Abnett novel of the same name. I got this one to celebrate my first TEN years with GW.

Even though I no longer work for GW, I'm still due for some new ink. This time around I'd like to get a Blood Pact symbol (probably on my right upper arm, just below the eagle). The only thing is, of course, the Blood Pact don't have an "official" symbol. They are dedicated to Khorne, so I could just go for that, but that's a bit dull. I'd like to incorporate some kind of "chaosified" Tanith regimental symbol into the Khorne symbol.

Well-rendered standard Khorne symbol (source unknown).

Forgeworld's resin Khorne badge

The Tanith regimental badge.


So, the competition is this. Submit to me (via the email in my profile on the right) your design for a Blood Pact symbol that would work well as a tattoo on my arm. That's right, I'll get inked with the best design I receive!

You have until February 28th (2010) to submit your design. I like solid black designs, but could be convinced to choose a line/color piece should it be good enough.

As this design will be on my arm until I die, I reserve the right to tweak the final chosen design. I also reserve the right to post any of the designs submitted on this blog (with full credit to the designer of course).

So, there you have it. The 500 Ink Design Competition! Have at it. Any questions? Just post them in a comment.


It has been a busy weekend, with family commitments and some time spent at Games & Stuff last might, so not much hobby time. Here, however, is where I'm at with my latest commission piece. Lots of brownstuff used to form the base armor shapes (better for burnishing, filing, carving, and sharp edges), then greenstuff added (better for fine detail and complex shapes).


  1. Outstanding on the big 500 mate, soz I won't be designing you tat', trying to put a bit of paint on my little men is about as good as it gets for artistic ability - lol.

    Kudo's on getting a Pact symbol as a tattoo, I just hope next time you're sitting on a beach on holiday, you don't bump into a space marine, or even worse, a GW IP lawer, you'd be a derivative work. ;-)

    Excellent work on the blog, you deserve the big 500 mate.

  2. Yeah, could be a problem if they ask my arm to cease & desist ; )

  3. Phew, 500 followers; that's going for it! Congratulations!

  4. I wouldn't be worried about a CnD mate, it's the phrase 'any work you create using our intellectual property is not "owned" by you' in the legals I'd worry about.

    If GW open a new department call GW Surgical, I'd seriously consider moving to India.

    As a side note, I don't want people to think I'm GW bashing, in the dealings I've had with GW Legal over my campaign blog, I've found them to be really helpful and supportive.

    Once again, congrats on the 500 and good luck with the tat'. Feel free to delete these comments as I feel I've taken this post seriously off topic.

  5. Congrats! I would love to pictures of your tats!

  6. Why not use those chaos symbols you drew as a tutorial for BoLS? That would be sweet, I think

  7. Hey DT! Great job on #500! That's an awesome milestone!

    Would love to see more pictures of your AT-70 conversion. I'm going to be working on some Griffon mortar tanks in the near-to-middle future, and I'd love to scamboozle some of the hull ideas from what looks to be a converted Chimera chassis above...

  8. Congrats on the 500! I have found your work to be an inspiration and it continues to do so.

  9. I'm not much of an artist, but for a symbol - it could be Bloodthirsters jawles skull, within chaos star (your tank stars are perfect), with Khorn mark on forehead and blood drops coming from eye holes.
    It looks quite good on fast sketch, but needs better hand than mine ;p

  10. Thanks guys!

    @ Uncle Puck - that might be the last resort. I like them, but I'm thinking someone out there is going to hit on something cooler.

    @ Cliff - Thanks mate. For more pics of the AT-70 check out this post: might be helpful, best of luck with your Griffons.

    @Amdor - sounds interesting. Make sure you send it through.

  11. Congrats on the pentacentennial. Here's to 500 more!

  12. Congrats on your 500! As someone whose minis blog is just starting out, I can only hope to see those lofty heights some day. Keep up the good work!

  13. firstly, congrats! :)
    i wonder though, are you adamant on incorporating the tanith badge into the blood pact insignia? it just seems a bit strange from a fluff perspective. ;)

  14. Thanks guys,

    @TheMightyWarHamster - not adamant but there are some design elements that could be incorporated in a design. Already had a couple of nice entries that have done just that. As for being strange, perhaps, but you never know what those foul, traitor-types are up to ; )

  15. indeed. do not try to comprehend the traitor's mind, for it is like a trap, set for the unwary.^^
    do you accept scanned pencil/pen sketches or would you prefer something made in photoshop? :)

  16. Pen, pencil, crayon, anything you like.

  17. Congrats on hitting the 500 followers mark! It's not without good reason in my opinion, because since I found out about the blog and signed up as a Follower you've definitely made it worthwhile reading. I've always enjoyed your work from years past, and to have it practically hand-delivered now to me whenever you make an update on your blog is pure win! Besides that, I'm developing a list of "fall guys" to point toward if I ever have to give my wife more detailed reasoning as to why I spend so much time and money on miniatures - so far the usual suspects of "I'm a little odd" and "I enjoy painting and modeling" have kept her assuaged, but you never know... (Now would be the point where an evil laugh would be cinematically appropriate, right? All in good fun!)

    As to the tattoo, I'll do my part and take a stab at submitting a design - how I could refuse a request for help like yours? For the longest time, I wanted to get one of the Biel-Tan Craftworld logo - granted, I got out of the hobby for about 14 years and Eldar haven't really been my thing since getting back into painting. If I were to get one now based on my recent inspirations (Dan Abnett's writings and GW's Chaos pantheon both being prominent) I'd be stuck for an idea, too.

  18. I'm throwing my hat in on this one! You can check out some of the tattoos I've done here

  19. Today's the day! Here's hoping I win! :)