Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Thin Red Line

I mentioned a few posts back that I was also working on some Napoleonic British, I even showed you this picture. But I failed to tell you more.

These guys here are the Coldstream Guards (2nd Regiment of Foot Guards). Out the front are two bases representing a company of the 5/60th Rifles who accompanied the Guards Division at Salamanca. They are the complete contents of a box of British from Perry Miniatures.

Keen eyes might spot that my 36 strong regiment has the flank (Grenadier and Light) companies represented. The two companies on either end of the line have the flank company "wings" on their shoulders. The soldiers in the left company (as you look at it) have the white plume of the Grenadiers, while those on the right have the green plume of the Light Company.

The basing is a bit different, but I think quite reminiscent of the ground of the Spanish plains. The basecoat is Calthan Brown, followed by a drybrush of Iyanden Darksun, followed by a drybrush of Bleached Bone. The bases are edged in Calthan Brown. The rocks are highlighted up through a mix of Bleached Bone and Skull White. The grass tufts are the Silfor Late Summer Buffalo Grass

This next group finished are the 1st Regiment of the King's German Legion (or KGL), Hanoverians in the service of Britain's King George. They were outfitted just like the British regiments, with the odd exception here and there. I used Victrix plastics for this 24 man unit.
I chose the Victrix Ltd. Flank Company box set, so these really look like the Grenadier Company of the 1st KGL regiment, but I'm not really worried about complete historical accuracy (nor are my fellow players).

We're painting these up for a bit of fun, and to play a game at Adepticon this year. On the Saturday evening we'll be pushing a few brigades back and forth while knocking back pints and savoring fine ports. Stop by and say "G'Day!"

For those who are curious, we're going to be using the Lasalle rules by Sam Mustafa. This is a set of rules designed for somewhat competitive play, and "standard" games play out in around 2.5 to 3 hours.

And now onto something completely different. I should have some more photos later this week of my Rapid Assault Force, including the engine for the Locust vector-fighter. Should be good.

Recently I also mentioned a competition for when the number of followers of this blog reached 500. I'll keep a lid on what he competition is, but I have managed to get Dan Abnett to agree to send an autographed copy of Blood Pact to the winner. Just one part of the prize package!

Have fun!


  1. They look awsome dave. I look forward to seeing these brigades in person. I didn't really read throughly over the rules are these a 20:1 or 30:1 ratio for the line.

  2. @ Rogue Valley Minis - Lasalle doesn't work on the 20:1 ratio kind of thing. A unit is typically either 4 bases or 6 bases (British Artillery is 3 bases), so it's a bit "zoomed out" from "true" personnel ratios.

    Makes it all really quite easy to get started for someone who knows very little about the period. I can just concentrate on learning about the uniforms ; )

    Oh, and the Victrix boxes have 52-60 models in them, pretty awesome!

  3. Awesome.

    I'm still trying to reach 100 followers. ;)

  4. Oni ....

    I helped ya out ..... you only need 1 more to make 100 !

  5. @ Oni - your blog is now added to my Blog Roll, not sure why it wasn't there before. Have fun painting your 'Nids!

  6. Oni - happy 100 ;]

    By the way, isn't it weird that there is completly no Sabat Crusade or at least Blood Pact fan Codex?

  7. Very interesting and different this work.
    I've been looking for information, but could not find.
    Maybe you can help me: Are they equal the '28mm' Vitrix and Gamesworkshop?. Thanks