Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Rapid Assault Force advances

Late-breaking News!
Like my friend Jeff Hall (of The Adept's Forge), I too will be helping the good folks of Games & Stuff in Glen Burnie, MD, celebrate their 10th Birthday. I should be thee from 7-9pm, hanging out, talking to people about painting and conversions. If you want to ask any questions about my recent stuff, just drop by! Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming...

So, I'm finally getting some paint on the Hellblade! Although this model was incredibly easy to assemble, I think it's going to take a bit longer to paint it up the way I want.

As you can see, I'm going for a bit of a switch-up on my Rapid Assault Force. Instead of the dark red of my Blood Pact tanks, I'm going for an off white scheme. However, I did start things off the same way. A heavy drybrush of Tin Bitz, a lighter drybrush of Boltgun Metal, then thinned washes of Devlan Mud, Thraka Green patches, Leviathan Purple patches, and Badab Black.

Once all those washes were dry I painted Liquid Mask in patches onto the Hellblade, painting more onto the leading edges and strategically placed streaks. This was followed by two thin coats of Dheneb Stone (I'll bust out the spraygun for the Locusts), then a drybrush of a Dheneb Stone/Skull White mix.

Finally I could get to my favorite part. Stripping off the Liquid Mask, exposing the darkened metal underneath. I continued a few more steps, but I'll save those for another post.

The Chaos Locust vector-fighter that Thomas and I are working on continues apace. I decided to build the engine pod, taking some design cues from the Hellblade's engine. Here it is above, and you can see the comparison below.

I'm pretty happy with it. You can do a lot of fun things with some tubing, plasticard, and Dragon Forge power cables.

I hope you enjoy it! More to come soon.


  1. That's some great scratchbuilding sir.

  2. Nice use of a battle cannon on that engine.

  3. Your scratchbuilding still makes me a little jealous. I do need to thank you though, I'd been looking for flight stand solutions and your link Dragon Forge maybe the ticket!

  4. I'm loving your fast attack posts!

  5. Ah, begging your pardon, but will you be posting a play by play of the plasticard bits? *Has bought a Drop Pod and eagerly awaits instruction*

  6. My god, that engine has some amazing detail. I yearn to achieve that level of expertise in scratch building.