Friday, June 26, 2009

More Pimpin' - because, contrary to popular belief, it is easy

As the title suggests, I'm at it again.

It's actually quite easy, in a blog like this, to throw out a few little nuggets of information about the things that friends are doing that might be of interest to you, the faithful reader. AKA pimpin' their stuff/activities/services.

Today I'm promoting Jeff Wilhelm's blog and counter competition, and therefore (somewhat indirectly) his business, Dragon Forge Design. As longtime readers will know, Jeff does some nice work and I've used a bunch of his products in my Blood Pact army thus far (more to come, I promise).

Anyway, head to his blog and get in on the action!


  1. I bought a few sets of powercables from them.
    They are about 1000 times easier to use than Guitar wire.
    They got them to me pretty quick too.

  2. The quality of his bases are simply the best.

    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  3. Jeff's the guy that turns your orders around incredibly quickly! Great quality too, and a nice guy to deal with. All good.

  4. Nice site, maybe in future it will be useful

  5. I like this guys stuff. Thanks for the recommendation dave.

  6. If known Jeff for years and he is a stand-up guy who does pretty incredible stuff. He's always been free with advice on a variety of modeling topics. Hopefully he will be at GenCon this year.