Sunday, June 7, 2009

Creepy little guys

Well here they are! I've finished painting the Psykers for the Psyker Battle Squad. I'm really happy with how they turned out. I'm still unsure about adding a design around the base of the robes (where they blend to turquoise). If I do it'll either be a simple line, a line of tiny text, or a Chaos-style band. Suggestions are welcome.

Pater Sin is still in the sculpting stage, more pictures of him to follow.

Also following soon, the first stage of the Troop Transport Truck Tutorial.



  1. ok the eyeball one is my fav but great job. Of course i am looking forward to the trucks.

  2. Ditto on the eyeball Psyker...I think what really helps make it is he's hiding behind a rock, makes him seem very wary and cautious!

    I think the trim on the robes should stay simple--they are effective as-is already!

  3. Eyeball guy is great, paintjobs are great, the rest of the figs...great. Your last post looked kinda daunting (for my skill level) but I may have to borrow this idea nonetheless!

  4. Fantastic execution, just great. If I remember correctly Pater Sin had tattoos of holy text and icons that were defaced. In that vein I vote for the line of text, it would almost look imperial if it weren't for the inherent wrongness of these little monsters.

  5. The guy on the tyre looks like he's concentrating hard on something... like it.

  6. Absolutely brilliant work - great sculpting, evocative poses and a brooding color palette. Top notch all around! I think a small amount of 'dark script' around the hem of the robes might look cool, failing that perhaps around the ends of the sleeves instead? Nevertheless, they look great as is! Keep up the great work!

  7. did you use GF9 concrete for those bases? I really like the scuplts, what tools do you use for scuplting?

  8. Hi guys

    Thanks very much for your appreciative comments. The "eyeball guy" is one of my favorites too. I wanted that enormous eye to be cautiously hidden behind something. I kind of feel like he's the guy that is constantly teased by the others, because he's the freak of the group.

    @Dab - Yep GF9 concrete, really easy to work with! The tools I use are the GW sculpting tool with the burnishing end filed down to a sharpish edge, and color/clay shapers made by Royal Sovereign Ltd. Available through here in the US (obviously around the world too, but you could probably find them from a local art store in your part of the world, wherever that may be).


  9. I think a pattern would work really well maybe in red or orange