Wednesday, June 24, 2009

BoLScon 2009!

Hi guys!

I'm going to do a bit of pimping this evening. 

bigred and the cast and crew of Bell of Lost Souls (at least the ones in Austin, TX) are taking the views and values they've been espousing on their blog for the last few years and putting them into the most obvious practice they can. They are running a convention! Following their efforts at Adepticon earlier this year, I'm sure a nefarious plan was hatched on the journey home from Chicago.

BoLScon 2009 will be held in Austin, TX, in August this year (just around the corner).
For more information, head to their new site:

It promises to be a quality event with a few surprises. Tell 'em I said "G'Day!"



  1. Dave,

    Thanks for the plug! Next year when the baby is a little bigger you'll have to come see us.

  2. Yeah, Banning Inquisition Units to help Space marine Deep Striking and Lash weilding armies, some surprises alright.

    Very cheesy

    Skip this event, teach them a lesson for banning 40k armies they do not like.