Monday, April 3, 2017

DARK AGE - Saint Mark and his followers.

Well, AdeptiCon can really take it out of you. Four incredible days of non-stop action and conversations about all sorts of toy soldier goodness. I have basically been drained by it all, until now.

So, getting back to the Dark Age goodness these are my latest models, painted up since the start of February specifically for me to take to the CMON Expo and the big, end of season tournament, the Immortals! The Immortals is the tournament where the winner gets to work with the design team to create a new model (background, stats, art, and model) for the world. It's a pretty big deal, so I've been playing a lot with this force to prepare.

This is my Forsaken - St Mark sub-faction force. The Forsaken are the "last bastion of civilization" (or at least that's how they present themselves). Cunning politicians that plot and scheme and use religion to rule over the masses, the Prevailer Council is in charge, and regularly sends its "Saints" - or generals - off on missions of varying difficulty and value. St Mark is the first "Saint", and plays the role of brash and skilled leader to a tee (all the while hiding his true motivations and cowardice).

He is also quite the womanizer, so I have surrounded him with a force that can be entirely comprised of female models.

Saint Mark (on the left) carries God's Light, a very powerful pistol, and is accompanied here by The Sentinel, one of his lieutenants.

His close-range support come from the lithe and deadly Shades, accompanied here by Mark's other lieutenant, Hephzibah (center). The Hephzibah model is currently undergoing a resculpt, so I converted this one from one of the Shade models. : )

These ladies might seem quite fragile, and not a particular threat, but you'd be wrong in thinking that. They are the very brutal reason I decided to try this list out : )

Saint Mark has a tendency for his gun to malfunction. Including a Weaponsmith is very helpful (allowing me to ignore the first three malfunctions), and the stock Weaponsmith is on the right. On the left you can see my conversion for a female Weaponsmith.

Keeping Saint Mark and his Junkers alive is very important. The Sisters of Compassion (in the red latex) and the Field Medic (front) will do just that. Although I won't be running all of these at once, it's nice to have the regular Sister (left) and the Limited Edition Sister (right).

Firestorms are a very popular choice with Forsaken players, mostly because of their awesome flamethrowers.

These Militia are the cheapest models in my collection at just 25 points a piece. They'll be good for filling those 25 point gaps at the end of list building.

And finally the Haniels. These are infiltrators, and I thought I'd spend a bit of extra time messing about with their cloaks. Do you think it was worth it?



  1. Lovely force, man - Really digging those Dark Age models, it's a very cool range. Those cloaks look ace!

    1. Thanks, mate. I'll have to run you a demo at GenCon or NOVA ; )

  2. Wonderful! And they'd make a nice INQ28 team as well....

    1. Thanks. I think there's certainly some inspiration to be drawn from them : )


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