Tuesday, March 21, 2017

DARK AGE - The new 2-player starter set!

I started this "Month of Dark Age"because we're releasing the 2-player starter set this Friday (or Thursday if you happen to be at AdeptiCon). If you'd like to get a good look at the contents of the box, you can do so HERE

In preparation for the NOCF Raffle being sponsored by CMON, I've painted up the Saint Isaac half of the Path To Glory set. Jason Craze of Slowfuse Gaming is painting the Ice Caste half. 

Here are the St Isaac model and his two Centipedes from the set. They are all plastic models with incredible detail and crispness, they go together very quickly, and are very sturdy.

Here's a comparison shot between the plastic model (left) and the original resin model (right).

And here are the plastic Controllers from the Path To Glory set. Again, great detail.

Last year I painted a set of Saint Isaac (above) and Ice Caste Dragyri minis (below) to take to Beasts of War. We raffled these off and you can check out the detailed post on these HERE.

AdeptiCon starts on Thursday, so I'm not sure if I'll have time to post another set of minis before then, but I'll try : )



  1. Have a wonderful time at AdeptiCon Dave! I hope to see you paint more orange miniatures. :)

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  11. These are nice models, thanks for sharing! I've linked your post in our article about the set: Dark Age: Path to Glory for Dark Age from CoolMiniOrNot

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