Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Thank you, Terranscapes!

A quick one today. I just wanted to thank Mike at Terranscapes for his prompt and thorough help on my recent La Haye Sainte project.

When my friend Dean mentioned he was also having a gaming table built by Terranscapes, I thought it would be a good idea to get in touch with them and find out how they approached their use of cold and flocking materials, so that the bases I did for the army matched the table Dean would be using them on. I wasn't sure how things would go, sometimes people can be precious about their methods and keep them secret.

Well, I'm incredibly happy to say that Mike was not at all interested in keeping his methods a secret and was only too happy to pop some supplies in the post to me. In the photo above you can see the paint swatches he uses for the sand surface on his tables. These three colors were mixed many moons ago and Mike has gallons of each color for his commission projects. Fortunately they came close to three Vallejo colors: Charred Brown, Beige Brown, and Dark Sand.

Additionally, Mike send three Ziploc bags containing the three different blends of flock he will be using on Dean's table. There's a basic mix that he uses over most of the surface, then an accent mix used on 30-40% of the table, and finally a highlight mix for 10-15% of the table. For the bases in the army I primarily used the basic mix and the highlight mix. The bags you see in the photo are what I now have left after the project, plenty of flock to base Dean's models for years to come : )

So, should you be in the need for some lovely gaming tables built by a very cool guy, I can heartily recommend Mike and Terranscapes!



  1. The Terranscapes YouTube channel is excellent! I've got some great ideas and techniques from those videos. Mike is a perfectionist to be sure but that's why his projects are on the next level.

  2. Wow, that's pretty amazing stuff there, Dave.

    I am so many levels of jealous.

  3. Thank you Dave for your kind words. :) I'm glad that the supplies worked out for you so well.

    Now I need to get the set of boards done for Dean. Work has been started so hopefully I can see those miniatures on his table soon. *smile*

    Best Wishes.

    1. No worries, Mike. Credit where credit is due. Thank you for your help : )

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