Monday, December 22, 2014

La Haye Sainte - The Warlord Games collectors' edition.

At Historicon in July of this year, I met up with an old friend and former GW colleague. We had a good time catching up and at the end of it all, he asked me if I'd be up for taking on the Warlord Games La Haye Sainte collectors' edition set. Basically this set is a huge playset - two opposing forces and some great terrain. I enjoy painting up Napoleonic troops and I thought this would be a pretty cool project. Thankfully my friend gave me a good amount of time to complete it, I've only recently finished everything, and been able to deliver it in time for Christmas : )

The first part of this post shows off the Allied defenders of the La Haye Sainte farmhouse, mostly German troops from the King's German Legion battalions, Hanoverian battalions, and Luneburg as well as Nassau, and British riflemen.

The second part of this post shows the French attackers, led by the man above, Marshal Ney!

This resin terrain piece represents the sandpit that stood down the road a little bit from the farmhouse, it was defended at times during the Battle of Waterloo by the men of the 95th Rifles.

And the final part of this post is the La Haye Sainte farmhouse. This is a great piece of Laser cut MDF, made for Warlord by Sarrissa Precision. The build was fantastic, and the painting went pretty smoothly (although there was a lot of it!).

So, I hope you like it as much as my mate does. Merry Christmas, Dean, and thanks for this big commission job!



  1. Looks fantastic. It's certainly something that should be on my shopping list

    1. Thanks Paul. I think the set is certainly well worth it.

  2. Wow! Gorgeous work!!

    Umm...Santa just brought me one...are you busy? ;)


  3. WOW and WOW again.....

    A great set and beautifully painted.


  4. Thoroughly awesome work, man! Made me want to go re-watch a few episodes of Sharpe's Rifles. :)

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